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[Solved] The Memory Stick Used To Start This Game Is Not Inserted
12-16-2013, 11:27 AM
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RE: The Memory Stick Used To Start This Game Is Not Inserted
Calling it temporary is pretty wrong, since the save is stored all the time in game memory from the time it is created for the first time, it changes during next save or autosave, but it's always there;p.

Yeah you only lose ability to save, through the "only" might be an issue for those which had this problem on older versions of ppsspp as savestate compatibility was added not so long ago, it also can break in the future if something troublesome get's implemented;p. But most bothersome is that since savestates are keeping whole memory, they keep all potential corruption as well, so the longer you play without restarting and reloading the game from normal save, the more chance your game will get broken.

PPSSPP can save both encrypted and decrypted save games, in fact learning this was the thing that made me find the save in game memory, as in memory it's decrypted and ppsspp by default encrypt saves(so they can work on real psp). To determine the beginning address in game memory when already in problem, you can start a new game or load the old one, then save normally again while having save encryption disabled in ppsspp(by changing "EncryptSave = True" in ppsspp.ini to False) then just open that decrypted save in any hex editor, copy x first bytes and I just use aob scan in cheat engine for the rest, but you could also dump memory to hdd or create new savestate and decompress it to grab that memory dump, the method doesn't really matter, I use cheat engine cause I'm using it for most things as it's much faster than normal hex editors and way more functional;p, end address is obviously the beginning + save lenght;p, in MHp3rdHD it's also -0x10, as last 16 bytes of save are just some ID of some sort as I mentioned which doesn't seem to be stored in game memory anywhere, just inside the save. It's worth just comparing the end of real save and save stored in memory to be sure as it might differ for other MH games.

Anyway the issue exist only cause people abuse the savestates without consideration that game might work as MH does;p, also in most other games which have similar protection(Lord of Arcana/Apocalypse for example) deleting the initial save will allow to save properly again, so it's really rare problem and all this information fairy useless, doubt many other games would work in such awkward way. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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