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Graphic issue starting with v0.9.5-870-g6a8123b
12-05-2013, 08:35 PM (This post was last modified: 12-05-2013 09:30 PM by LPatamon.)
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RE: Graphic issue starting with v0.9.5-870-g6a8123b
Yeah, because not even changing to non-buffering and getting frameskip in auto helped. Guess I'll stay with build v0.9.5-868-g50f67d6 for now, since the game works correctly on that one. while I test the new builds on a separated folder to be updated for when the issue gets fixed.

Thanks anyways and I'm sure the issue will be fixed. You're doing a pretty good work Smile

Sorry for double post, but I had to show you this:

The game sure got a lot broken. take a look at this other screenshot:

When I made this thread, I didn't went outside the colloseum since the graphical error was quite noticeable there, but I decided to move outside the colloseum and on the first area outside, one of the buildings instead of its normal texture was showing the sky (that one made me laugh because it looked like if the building had a big window and the sky was reflecting on it XD), but then going into the next area of the city took me to the screenshot I'm showing on this post.

On the colloseum at least was just the floor, but outside the glitch is bigger than I thought Huh

I just thought in show you an updated screenshot taken from v0.9.5-910-g7e86907 (the next one aka v0.9.5-911 currently only has windows 64 download available at the moment I made this post) so you can have a better view of this issue.

I tried by using read framebuffers to memory (CPU) and read framebuffers to memory (GPU) options and that didn't help, so at least now we know that the rendering mode options didn't help at all in this case.

So far other games I tested like Pacman Championship Edition and Viewtiful Joe work correctly so far during the time I played them.

Digimon Adventure and Digivice Portable Ver. also show correctly, except for the already known things they already have like the black screen on the digivice screen on Digivice Ver. Portable and the lack of outlines and other non gameplay affecting visual things on Digimon Adventure (outlines on the characters, etc.)

I still have to check if Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Bomberman and Ultimate Ghost N Goblins didn't got affected. I'm sure that at least Ultimate Ghost N Goblins didn't got affected since that game is on the ol' 2D side scroll style so is not a problem to render that kind of graphics, but I'll check it anyways.

Again sorry for double posting. Definitively the PSP's graphic system is quite interesting when it comes to try to emulate it o.o
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