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[Solved] The best Monster Hunter game for start?
10-29-2013, 07:39 PM
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RE: The best Monster Hunter game for start?
Well, if I'm right, there are 3 official english Monster Hunter Games Released for PSP, plus one more with japanglish.

The game you played for ps2 must be MH2dos, cause i played it too Big Grin oohhh those ol' bads days :') what level 3-4 hardcore quests....

Okay, for psp, you have Monster Hunter Freedom (MHF) wich is (if I'm Right, never played it), a remake of the First Monster Hunter released for ps2 (again i dont know what they added/changed).

Then there is Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (MHF2), Wich would be, like MH2dos game you played (I'm sure all monsters of MH2dos are in this game), except its in another village, but has a lot of more quests/monsters! (in this one you have a Farm where you can collect stuff between quests, no longer endless farm gathering quests!).

And Then there is Monster Hunter Freedom United (MHFU) Wich is, an expansion of the Monster Hunter Freedom 2 adding more content and a few monsters, felynes comrades and other changes!
So MHFU would be also my recommendation (actually playing it lol)

Finally, there was a japanese game called Monster Hunter Portable 3 (or MH3rd, idk well), Wich has only released in Japan. However, i think there are some english patches around internet. I Heard its like the remake of MH3tri for Wii, but with more monsters, different maps, added subspecies, you can have two felynes comrades now, and other things more!

So make your Pick, and remember, Don't be a Hunter, be a Monster Hunter!
(sorry about my english lol)

Many people Believe that Talent is about Luck, but Only a Few Know that Luck is about Talent.
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