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Connected PS3 Controller doesn't work
10-30-2013, 05:09 PM
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RE: Connected PS3 Controller doesn't work
(10-29-2013 08:06 AM)Pathera Wrote:  Hi guys i need your help,
ive bought the PPSSPP emulator and also the Sixaxis Controller app. After connecting my PS3 wireless controller to my galaxy s3, i was able to control my smartphone by using the controller. but when i opened a game with the emulator i couldnt play with the controller... what is the problem?

do i have to change any setting or something else? please help me anyone...

Okay ive tried something:
I changed the settings in the Control Mapping Options. Everything works except 1: I cant move wiith the analog stick... any ideas?

Do you use the controller via BlueTooth or physical wire via the usb?

As far as I have used a PS3 Controller; I've plugged it in and been able to use it with out using Sixaxis altogether. As in, For emulator, you DON'T need Sixaxis because most if not all are able to detect it natively. Tried most of them and they work via Blue tooth.

Here is how minus Sixaxis:

1-Turn on your tablet.
2-Under Settings, turn ON Blue Tooth(and just wait and do #3)
3-Plug in the controller via the usb cord.
4-Your device should now see the controller.(if a better one lol)
5-Making sure the controller is on. Unplug the cord.
6-If the controller PS button goes out, this is fine. Also the to note: the back lights should constantly be blinking while it is being used. This is normal(if damn annoying =/).
7-If the controller didn't get picked up via blue tooth yet as the controller turned itself off from unplugging it. Then press the PS button to turn it on(this may turn on your PS3...which would be annoying and possibly conflict. Just sayin >_>).
8- The Blue Tooth Controller should now be working and you can usually just use it with most emulators and a few games like GTA natively.

The one quark it has though regardless if you do this with your xbox or PS3 controller. Is that you can only have the device detect the controller once each time you turn on the device. For some odd reason if you turn off BT and or disconnect the controller. The device will get retarded and not detect the controller until you restart the device. Also, if you try to force it to do so, you will bork your option for it to detect it(the controller) and must then physically connect the wire to tell your device(because it bumped its head lol) it exists(follow the instructions again.

This isn't perfect. But it can use less power because Sixaxis won't be used and...well that is a good thing =D

Note: Does NOT need to be rooted in order to use a BT PS3 Controller natively(unless your device is garbage lol, sucks for you! >_<)
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