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Current state of Snapdragon-based CPUs in PPSSPP
06-14-2014, 08:58 PM (This post was last modified: 06-14-2014 09:00 PM by [Unknown].)
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RE: Current state of Snapdragon-based CPUs in PPSSPP
Actually, Danganronpa uses a specific hack now, rather than simulate block transfer.

For a technical, but still simple explanation, block transfers are when a game copies a chunk of memory. It happens that when it wants to show a save picture, or create a minimap, most games make a copy / block transfer. Before, these block transfers were not "connected" to OpenGL - now they are.

So when a game copies from memory that on the PSP contains rendered graphics, this downloads the data from OpenGL and copies it.

"Read framebuffers to memory" downloaded all data for all graphics all the time. Whether the game did a block transfer or not.

It also crashed a lot, because it didn't know how big the framebuffers really were sometimes. The block transfer comes with a very important piece of information: size. This allows the block transfers to be a fairly safe alternative to "read framebuffers to memory" as well.

Even more importantly, "simulate block transfers" *uploads* to OpenGL and also transfers between rendered graphics. We had rudimentary support for this before (for videos), but the new functionality is much better. This fixed effects in games that had simply never worked before regardless of configuration.

However, uploading and downloading from OpenGL does come at a cost. So disabling it will give the best speed. But as long as the game is not actually using it, having it on won't hurt speed at all - and when it is using it, it'll fix graphical effects that would be broken with it off (but I do know of a couple games which do block transfers for no good reason every frame - just in case you might open a menu; so if you never open the menu, these games won't be visually better but will be a bit slower.)

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