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"WHARZ ALL MAH STUFF AT? HALP!" PPSSPP's Directories and You: A guide
10-14-2013, 07:35 PM
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RE: [Windows] "WHARZ ALL MAH STUFF AT? HALP!" PPSSPP's Directories and You: ...
(10-14-2013 05:30 PM)daxtsu Wrote:  I don't care about that/I don't use installed.txt/I want to use the old way! How do I make my cheats and stuff work now that a bunch of stuff was moved around?!

Make sure you don't have an installed.txt file, first off, and this will let PPSSPP use the old behaviour.

I'm sure this is how it was intended to work.
But unfortunately that's not quite how it was implemented.

The old behavior of the "cheats" folder is not available by any means, since its location is forcibly changed to be inside the "PSP" folder. It's no big deal for me, as I can easily copy my old cheats folder into that location, but this need should be mentioned in the descriptions of the new changes. Just saying that we get the 'old behavior' if we add no "installed.txt" is a bit misleading.

Another and more confusing issue is that in my initial test run of build 1864, the settings I changed were only applied temporarily, but when I later restarted the program none of those settings were retained, even though I had even made a test run with a game while those settings still worked...

It was only in a new emulator session, after I had also set the "Enable Cheats" flag and made a test run of a game with that flag active, that the new "MemStick" folder was created, and only after I made additional setting changes after that test run did this result in creation of the "MemStick\SYSTEM" subfolder with ppsspp.ini inside it.

This makes it clear that some of the routines that handle settings rely on the folder already existing, which is to receive the settings file. This was never a problem with the old method, where "ppsspp.ini" was stored in the main PPSSPP folder, but now it needs special attention.

So every case where a file of PPSSPP is to be saved must include a check for whether or not the receiving folder needs to be created first. That has already been done for the cheat "ini" files, and gamesaves/savestates, since they always needed special subfolders, but now it needs to be done for "ppsspp.ini" and "controls.ini" as well.

Btw: I'm going to open a github issue about the missing folder test/creation.

Best regards: dlanor
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