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Disgaea : Afternoon Of Darkness - ULUS10308
05-30-2018, 03:36 AM
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RE: Disgaea : Afternoon Of Darkness - ULUS10308
Hola to all, through countless google searching I have come across codes Id like to use that are floating around for ether the ps2 version, the ds version, or both but can’t be found for the psp version. Such as *Unlock/put unplayable characters in the character creation screen/menu (found for ps2, for ds I only found the option to change the top two characters sprite as well as skills), code to delete unique characters/characters that usually can’t be deleted, set item world floor level one for 0 and one for level 100, the access to all areas and access to all maps codes, increase skill xp gain (don’t want it maxed out just increased the amount I gain), press select to set enemy health to zero (essentially a insta kill/stage clear feature that can also be used to capture anything you can throw into the base panel), I’d also like a code to dupe an item/change one item into a next item (such as changing a crap armor into an hyperdrive).

I think that’s about it, I did see the code for changing an item but I’m on my phone and the screen only covers my keyboard and the reply box so as I’m writing this I’m not sure if it’s actually on here for PPSSPP that I saw it or not (plus I’ve already twice had my comment accidentally deleted so I don’t want to check until I’m done).

For the creating unplayable characters I know some cause the game to crash/etc. and while I haven’t tested it yet I did come across codes for some of them for PPSSPP posted by Peco92 on a different site over 3years ago

Once you put the code on you must go to the creation screen and search for the character, you need to put on only one code at time.

_C0 Create Return to normal Screen
_L 0x00180ACA 0x000007DA
_L 0x00180ACB 0x00000007
_C0 Create Laharl
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000001
_L 0x00180ACB 0x
_L 0x00180ACC 0x
_L 0x00180ACD 0x
_C0 Create Etna
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000002
_L 0x00180ACB 0x
_L 0x00180ACC 0x
_L 0x00180ACD 0x
_C0 Create Flonne
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000003
_L 0x00180ACB 0x
_L 0x00180ACC 0x
_L 0x00180ACD 0x

_C0 Create Item God
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000A8C
_L 0x00180ACB 0x0A

_C0 Create Angel
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000488
_L 0x00180ACB 0x04

_C0 Create Majin
_L 0x00180ACA 0x0000041A
_L 0x00180ACB 0x04

_C0 Create Succubus
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000870
_L 0x00180ACB 0x8

_C0 Create Mother Prinny
_L 0x00180ACA 0x000008A7
_L 0x00180ACB 0x8

_C0 Create Rich Demon
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000960
_L 0x00180ACB 0x9

_C0 Create DemonSlayer
_L 0x00180ACA 0x0000096A
_L 0x00180ACB 0x9

_C0 Create Alt.Overlord
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000974
_L 0x00180ACB 0x9

_C0 Create Uber Prinny
_L 0x00180ACA 0x0000097E
_L 0x00180ACB 0x9
_C0 Create Mid-Boss
_L 0x00180ACA 0x000009C4
_L 0x00180ACB 0x9
_C0 Create Dark Adonis
_L 0x00180ACA 0x000009EC
_L 0x00180ACB 0x9
_C0 Create Prism 1
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000A32
_L 0x00180ACB 0xA
_C0 Create Prism 2
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000A33
_L 0x00180ACB 0xA
_C0 Create Prism 3
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000A34
_L 0x00180ACB 0xA
_C0 Create Prism 4
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000A35
_L 0x00180ACB 0xA
_C0 Create Prism 5
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000A36
_L 0x00180ACB 0xA
_C0 Create Prism 6
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000A37
_L 0x00180ACB 0xA
_C1 Create Priere
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000BB8
_L 0x00180ACB 0xB
_C0 Create Majorly
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000BC2
_L 0x00180ACB 0xB
_C0 Create Noble Demon
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000BEA
_L 0x00180ACB 0xB
_C0 Create Overlord
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000C44
_L 0x00180ACB 0xC
_C0 Create High Priest
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000C4E
_L 0x00180ACB 0xC
_C0 Create Fallen Angel
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000C58
_L 0x00180ACB 0xC
_C0 Create Durian
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000C62
_L 0x00180ACB 0xC
_C0 Create Demon Item
_L 0x00180ACA 0x00000C81
_L 0x00180ACB 0xC

There’s also a list of the character codes for ps2 I’m not sure if it would help in figuring out the codes for PPSSPP so I didn’t post them, if you don’t already have the codes and your interested in finding them and think it will help let me know and I’ll post them.

P.S also if anyone could enlighten me in a step by step idiots guide to how I would find the codes myself as well as the software I would need to use, that would be almost as good as providing me with them. I have novice level knowledge about hex editing and such but only when it codes to iOS/Android games.

Well that’s it, hopefully one of you expert gods of hacking that posses far more knowledge of programming and hex editing that I will help me out. I thank you for your time and greatly appreciate it.
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