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I spot another minor bug.
08-23-2013, 06:36 PM (This post was last modified: 08-23-2013 06:45 PM by vsub_.)
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RE: I spot another minor bug.
Ok,this time I can confirm this
PS.You can exit that black screen by using Emulation=>Stop

31:33:156 EmuScreen.cpp:62 I[BOOT]: Starting up hardware.
31:33:156 System.cpp:257 I[HLE]: PPSSPP v0.9.1-60-g06a2d94
31:33:156 MemArena.cpp:368 I[MM]: Found valid memory base at 04000000 after 13 tries.
31:33:156 MemMap.cpp:93 I[MM]: Memory system initialized. RAM at 04820000 (mirror at 0 @ 0C000000, uncached @ 0C000000)
31:33:281 Loaders.cpp:153 I[LOAD]: Identifying file...
31:33:281 Loaders.cpp:221 E[LOAD]: Failed to identify file
31:33:281 HLE\sceKernel.cpp:143 E[HLE]: Can't shut down kernel - not running
31:33:312 MemMap.cpp:112 I[MM]: Memory system shut down.
31:33:312 EmuScreen.cpp:94 E[BOOT]: Failed to identify file

The CPU usage during that time is really high until you click on the button or use stop if you used the cancel key

A simple fix would be to accept only iso,cso and pbp files
Edit:Actually no,if you drop non psp game,the same thing will happen and if you drop PS1 game(not converter game),ppsspp will freeze

Also if you open a folder with PS2 iso games,rather than showing icon,it will show the full path to it and trying to run it,it will happen the same thing as dropping the files

And if it's a folder with PS1 games,you will see again the full path and trying to click on any of them will make ppsspp to freeze

Using PPSSPP on Windows 7 x64 SP1
i7 4771 3.5Ghz,GTX750TI,16GB RAM

Batch iso <=> cso converter
Save Game\States Manager
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