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Games runs GREAT only for the first time {android]
08-23-2013, 09:10 PM
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RE: Games runs GREAT only for the first time {android]
I don't know how it works with the Android units you guys use (phones, tablets, whatever), but the problems you describe remind me of what I've seen in varying degree on all of my Android devices (currently four).

Unless I explicitly terminate them some CPU-wasting processes are always running in the background, messing up my results for any CPU-intensive task I'm trying to run in the foreground. And it's not just a matter of CPU cycles, but also of other system resources such as free RAM.

I've had this problem a lot when using the "Plex for Android" client to view my media library. The GUI is often very slow to initialize the media listings, and if I try to launch any media in this state I can expect serious video stutters.

And the same kind of problem can also affect the PPSSPP emulator, causing it to slow down in various ways when other processes are stealing CPU cycles for nonsense background work (like repeated mail-checking, map updates, location reporting etc, etc)

So whenever I find my foreground application being short on speed I go into the system settings menu and check what I have running in the background (both services and cached processes), and force terminate anything I don't want running. This usually improves my results considerably, and I think it can do the same for many of you.
(Just be careful to leave vital system stuff alone.)

Best regards: dlanor
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