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Guide:- Compiling PPSSPP on Windows for Dummies (updated for MSVC 2013)
08-31-2013, 09:44 AM
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RE: Guide:- Compiling PPSSPP on Windows for Dummies
(08-31-2013 05:30 AM)solarmystic Wrote:  
(08-31-2013 03:00 AM)scraggles80 Wrote:  how about adding in how to use TortoiseGit for people that don't want to use Gitbash

If you're savvy enough to know what TortoiseGit is, how to use it, and prefer it compared to Git Bash, then by all means, go ahead, and skip the Git Bash portion of the guide, or just take whatever relevant info about the git repo (the site for the repo), the submodules and how to go about updating and head straight to the VC++ compiling guide.

I just wanted to make the guide as straightforward as possible for the enduser. Git Bash is pretty staightforward, with no graphical frills, just straight up CLI. Adding in additional guides for every single form of Git interface out there is unnecessary for this rather basic PPSSPP compiling guide.

A git veteran like yourself would probably already know how to do this without my guide for newbies. In that case this guide is probably not aimed at people like yourself.

I've already mentioned that you're free to use whatever form of git you want. The basic principles are still the same either way, CLI or GUI.

i was only asking so threads like this aren't being made all the time
i don't need the guide but then some noobs do need the help
as you said you are trying to make the guide straightforward
but then i see that you are starting to add advanced segments to it
so just a thought then
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