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DirectInput default buttons are incorrect
07-28-2013, 10:37 PM
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RE: DirectInput default buttons are incorrect
(07-28-2013 09:27 PM)vsub_ Wrote:  I have many ppsspp revs for testing purposes and I was doing the same thing(copying the old ini file to the new folder)until I found a problem.

Old settings are not always compatible with newer betas.
For example...when I was copying my settings from 0.8.1-589 to some newer rev(forgot which one)and I tried to run Crimson Gem Saga,the game was a complete mess(not playable at all if buffered rendering was enabled).
But when I deleted the settings and started the game again,everything was fine,even with buffered rendering enabled.
Mmm Good point, sometimes that does happen, but until we get individual game settings implemented I find that most new revisions work fine just drag & dropping into the old folder, its just the odd game like Crimson Gem Saga as you mentioned doesn't like it.
For instance I was finding Gran Turismo crashing after the logos appeared straight to the desktop, but solved that by deleting the save folder of that game, let the game create a new one, it runs happily again now.

Every problem has a solution........Its just working out what it is. LOL Big Grin
And that's where us testers come into it, if we can't figure it out then the developers hopefully will!!!!!
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