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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
01-07-2020, 06:11 PM
Post: #108
RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
(03-19-2017 08:17 PM)Bahamuth Wrote:  Can someone make those cheats work for MHFU USA?This is for the Eur version

_C1 Ranged Weap Aff 100%
_L 0x80160BC5 0x0161001C
_L 0x00000064 0x00000000
_C1 Expand Glow LS DS
_L 0x014E708E 0x00000000
_L 0x014E7094 0x00000000
_C1 WISH v1.2e [01/04] (Loader)
_L 0xE00BEDE4 0x012A0448
_L 0x2127FCA0 0x0E7FE3C6
_L 0x212802EC 0x00000000
_L 0x212A0460 0x0E7FE3D1
_L 0x212A0470 0x0E7FE3E6
_L 0x212A0640 0x2A430830
_L 0x212A186C 0x00000000
_L 0x212A1900 0x00000000
_L 0x212A1914 0x00000000
_L 0x21306FD0 0x09FF9000
_L 0x213078A8 0x09FF9000
_L 0x213078C0 0x09FF9000
_C1 WISH v1.2e [02/04]
_L 0xE01DEDE4 0x012A0448
_L 0x217F8F18 0x24010001
_L 0x217F8F1C 0x240304ED
_L 0x217F8F20 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x217F8F24 0x34429000
_L 0x217F8F28 0xA4410000
_L 0x217F8F2C 0x24210001
_L 0x217F8F30 0x1423FFFD
_L 0x217F8F34 0x24420002
_L 0x217F8F38 0x3401FFFF
_L 0x217F8F3C 0x0A6A00B0
_L 0x217F8F40 0xA4410000
_L 0x217F8F44 0x24010001
_L 0x217F8F48 0x2403047F
_L 0x217F8F4C 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x217F8F50 0x34429000
_L 0x217F8F54 0x24050005
_L 0x217F8F58 0xA4450000
_L 0x217F8F5C 0xA4410002
_L 0x217F8F60 0x24210001
_L 0x217F8F64 0x1423FFFC
_L 0x217F8F68 0x24420004
_L 0x217F8F6C 0x24010001
_L 0x217F8F70 0x24030162
_L 0x217F8F74 0x24050006
_L 0x217F8F78 0xA4450000
_L 0x217F8F7C 0xA4410002
_L 0x217F8F80 0x24210001
_L 0x217F8F84 0x1423FFFC
_L 0x217F8F88 0x24420004
_C1 WISH v1.2e [03/04]
_L 0xE01DEDE4 0x012A0448
_L 0x217F8F8C 0x3401FFFF
_L 0x217F8F90 0x0A6A85FC
_L 0x217F8F94 0xAC410000
_L 0x217F8F98 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x217F8F9C 0x34429000
_L 0x217F8FA0 0x24050000
_L 0x217F8FA4 0x240301A4
_L 0x217F8FA8 0x24010001
_L 0x217F8FAC 0xA4450000
_L 0x217F8FB0 0xA4410002
_L 0x217F8FB4 0x24210001
_L 0x217F8FB8 0x1423FFFC
_L 0x217F8FBC 0x24420004
_L 0x217F8FC0 0x24A50001
_L 0x217F8FC4 0x24010001
_L 0x217F8FC8 0x50A1FFF7
_L 0x217F8FCC 0x240301B4
_L 0x217F8FD0 0x24010002
_L 0x217F8FD4 0x50A1FFF4
_L 0x217F8FD8 0x240301A4
_L 0x217F8FDC 0x24010003
_L 0x217F8FE0 0x50A1FFF1
_L 0x217F8FE4 0x2403019B
_L 0x217F8FE8 0x24010004
_L 0x217F8FEC 0x50A1FFEE
_L 0x217F8FF0 0x24030199
_L 0x217F8FF4 0x3401FFFF
_L 0x217F8FF8 0x0A6A8620
_L 0x217F8FFC 0xAC410000
_C1 WISH v1.2e [04/04]
_L 0xE00FEDE4 0x012A0448
_L 0xE00224B8 0x01310070
_L 0x81310074 0x04EC0008
_L 0x10000000 0x00000000
_L 0xE0022E9D 0x01310070
_L 0x81310074 0x04EC0008
_L 0x10000000 0x00000000
_L 0xE00227EB 0x01310070
_L 0x81310074 0x04EC0008
_L 0x10000000 0x00000000
_L 0xE0022B6C 0x01310090
_L 0x81310074 0x04EC0008
_L 0x10000000 0x00000000
_L 0xE0021DE5 0x01310120
_L 0x81310074 0x04EC0008
_L 0x10000000 0x00000000

Wish codes makes the shops selling everything(Cat weapon and armor shop and old lady shop)

Edit by vnctdj : Please use the "code" tag when you post long lists like this one.

Bump, requesting a port of the WISH codes as well!
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