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Possible Frameskip range 0.1-0.9?
07-24-2013, 11:38 AM (This post was last modified: 07-24-2013 11:43 AM by Rhymes.)
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RE: Possible Frameskip range 0.1-0.9?
(07-24-2013 11:16 AM)vsub_ Wrote:  My question is,what 0.1 mean
1 is one frame(you could call it one image),so what 0.1 will will you skip less than one frame\image

Wouldn't be better(if possible)the frame skipping to work like this:
Skipping is set to 1 for example and and ppsspp display the frames like this...display a frame and stay on that frame until the next frame is ready to be displayed(I think that's how pcsx2 frame skipping feature worked way back and it was much more usable than now).

I think buffered rendering helps avoiding flickering but on some games it have another negative effect while frame skipping is enabled.

The way I understand it(I could be wrong),on some game ppsspp displays a black screen instead of the skipped don't change the displayed frame until the next is ready to be displayed(this may cause stuttering but I'm not sure...just suggesting)

From what I understanding (only apply to ppsspp). 0.1 mean every 10 frames skip 1. At 1 frameskip you will get double VPS if not limited by GPU/CPU.
This only happen when VPS lower than 60. If you have 60 VPS already, frameskip has no effect.

Your thought is what I mean.
Render twice per frame maybe confuse all of you. I used wrong words. I mean do not update next frame. keep old frame, then render third, skip forth, and so on. In the other words, Replace black buffer with old frame.

This will make game look better than get black buffer frame and increase VPS.
I think developer already implemented this. But only frameskip function is not enough. It link to display to screen function/fbo too, maybe much more. That why some games work and others don't. Much harder than theory.
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