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Framebuffers to memory behaviour
07-20-2013, 08:48 PM
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RE: Framebuffers to memory behaviour
(07-20-2013 05:47 PM)solarmystic Wrote:  Disable the option then.

Why enable them in games unless the games need them to properly function?

AFAIK, there are only 5-6 games that I know of that need the FramebufferstoMem and FramebuffersCPUConvert options to be ON to work properly:-

1. Danganronpa

If they're not on, Investigation mode is broken, breaking the game completely. This game was the main reason why @arnastia even bothered to add this Framebuffers option in the first place.

2. Ys Seven

Required to enable proper minimap, and save screenshot functionality

3. Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky

Required for proper background transparency in the status menu and save screenshot functionality

4. Soul Calibur

Used to enable proper snapshot functionality during Creation mode for your customized characters

5. The 3rd Birthday

Required to remove the white lines that appear on the screen.

6. Gods Eater Burst

Required to prevent screen flickering when loading saves.

To summarize, you should not have to enable those FB options unless they restore functionality to the games. Games that run fine without them on, should always be run without them on.

Using those options will always incurr a performance penalty and results in poorer speed.

Just FYI, there are other games that need it:

Hexyz Force (minimap, menu overlay)
Criminal Girls (menu transition, battle overlay)
Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X (menu overlay in Tales of Phantasia)
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 (battle transition)
Last Ranker (battle transition, end of battle overlay)

Hexyz Force and Last Ranker still have serious graphical issues, though.
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