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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EU]
07-25-2014, 07:24 PM (This post was last modified: 07-26-2014 12:01 PM by HenryEx.)
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RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EU]
They said it doesn't work on the emulator. They said JIT breaks it. They said to use an inferior version.
But guess what's back? Wink


This took me about a week or two, reverse-engineering the original (i had to start learning from scratch, since i knew jack about MIPS assembly), but i finally rewrote the big HP Display v7.7 into a form that works on PPSSPP!
It has all the features of the original - customizable HUD, button inputs, color schemes... Though i had to mix up the original a bit, and code around a Cwcheat code type that seems to be broken in PPSSPP. Also, keep in mind that this will probably not work on a real PSP. Also, requires at least PPSSPP v0.99! So, here's how to work this new one.

Navigate to your Memstick\PSP\Cheats\ folder in your PPSSPP directory and open (or create) ULES01213.ini. Copy and paste the following codes into it.
_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 MHFU [01/05]
_L 0xE16300FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x217F7F8C 0x00000000
_L 0x217F80A8 0x00000000
_L 0x217F7FE4 0x00000000
_L 0x217F80B0 0x00000000
_L 0x217F8348 0x00000000
_L 0x217F8358 0x00000000
_L 0x217F83C8 0x00000000
_L 0x217F842C 0x00000000
_L 0x217F7FE8 0x089CC4A4
_L 0x217F7FEC 0x089AC710
_L 0x217F7FF0 0x09C12140
_L 0x217F7FF4 0x09A4F088
_L 0x217F7FF8 0x08A631A8
_L 0x217F7FFC 0x1011D846
_L 0x217F7F80 0x27BDFFE0
_L 0x217F7F84 0xAFBF001C
_L 0x217F7F88 0x0E2099B3
_L 0x217F7F90 0xAFB50018
_L 0x217F7F94 0xAFB40014
_L 0x217F7F98 0xAFB30010
_L 0x217F7F9C 0xAFB2000C
_L 0x217F7FA0 0xAFB10008
_L 0x217F7FA4 0xAFB00004
_L 0x217F7FA8 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x217F7FAC 0x80527FD4
_L 0x217F7FB0 0x1412013B
_L 0x217F7FB8 0x0A7FE0A9
_L 0x217F8028 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x217F802C 0x00409021
_L 0x217F8030 0x8E537FF0
_L 0x217F8034 0x8E547FF4
_L 0x217F8038 0x8E557FF8
_L 0x217F8040 0x8E910004
_L 0x217F8044 0x00008021
_L 0x217F8048 0x00008821
_L 0x217F804C 0x0000A021
_L 0x217F8050 0x02602021
_L 0x217F8054 0x80840050
_L 0x217F8058 0x92467FE3
_L 0x217F805C 0x00C4102A
_L 0x217F8060 0x10400002
_L 0x217F8064 0x82457FE2
_L 0x217F8068 0x10850002
_L 0x217F806C 0xA2447FE2
_L 0x217F8070 0x240600FF
_L 0x217F8074 0x0204102A
_L 0x217F8078 0x10400023
_L 0x217F807C 0x00101080
_L 0x217F8080 0x00531021
_L 0x217F8084 0x8C420000
_L 0x217F8088 0x14400003
_L 0x217F808C 0x240500FF
_L 0x217F8090 0x1000001B
_L 0x217F8094 0x26730004
_L 0x217F8098 0x14A60007
_L 0x217F809C 0x8E457FE4
_L 0x217F80A0 0x28A30001
_L 0x217F80A4 0x14600004
_L 0x217F80AC 0x14450002
_L 0x217F80B4 0x02003021
_L 0x217F80B8 0xA2467FE3
_L 0x217F80BC 0x14D00004
_L 0x217F80C0 0x92477FC0
_L 0x217F80C4 0x92477FC1
_L 0x217F80C8 0x0040A021
_L 0x217F80CC 0xAE547FE4
_L 0x217F80D4 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F80DC 0x00402021
_L 0x217F80E0 0x36458464
_L 0x217F80EC 0x0E7FE0B8
_L 0x217F80F0 0x01515021
_L 0x217F80F4 0x0E7FE0DB
_L 0x217F80FC 0x26100001
_L 0x217F8100 0x1000FFD4
_L 0x217F8104 0x8E447FF0
_L 0x217F8114 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F8118 0x92477FC2
_L 0x217F811C 0x36458471
_L 0x217F8120 0x0E7FE0B8
_L 0x217F8124 0x02802021
_L 0x217F8130 0x00E08021
_L 0x217F8134 0x0E7FE0DB
_L 0x217F8138 0x01008821
_L 0x217F813C 0x3645843B
_L 0x217F8148 0x02003021
_L 0x217F814C 0x0E7FE0DB
_L 0x217F8150 0x02203821
_L 0x217F8154 0x36458446
_L 0x217F8158 0x8E860380
_L 0x217F8160 0x0E7FE0C9
_L 0x217F8168 0x36458450
_L 0x217F816C 0x8E860384
_L 0x217F8174 0x0E7FE0C9
_L 0x217F817C 0x3645845A
_L 0x217F8180 0x86860274
_L 0x217F8188 0x0E7FE0DB
_L 0x217F8198 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F819C 0x92477FC4
_L 0x217F81A0 0x36468474
_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 MHFU [02/05]
_L 0xE16300FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x217F81A4 0x86870446
_L 0x217F81A8 0x86880444
_L 0x217F81B0 0x0E7FE0D7
_L 0x217F81B8 0x36468478
_L 0x217F81BC 0x86870388
_L 0x217F81C0 0x86880450
_L 0x217F81C8 0x0E7FE0D7
_L 0x217F81D0 0x3646847C
_L 0x217F81D4 0x86870458
_L 0x217F81D8 0x86880456
_L 0x217F81E0 0x0E7FE0D7
_L 0x217F81E8 0x36468480
_L 0x217F81EC 0x86870440
_L 0x217F81F0 0x86880566
_L 0x217F81F8 0x0E7FE0D7
_L 0x217F820C 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F8210 0x92477FC5
_L 0x217F821C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F8220 0x86860580
_L 0x217F822C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F8230 0x86860588
_L 0x217F823C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F8240 0x86860590
_L 0x217F824C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F8250 0x86860598
_L 0x217F825C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F8260 0x868605A0
_L 0x217F826C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F8270 0x868605A8
_L 0x217F827C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F8280 0x868605B0
_L 0x217F828C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F8290 0x868605B8
_L 0x217F82A0 0x868605C0
_L 0x217F82A4 0x8FBF001C
_L 0x217F82A8 0x8FB50018
_L 0x217F82AC 0x8FB40014
_L 0x217F82B0 0x8FB30010
_L 0x217F82B4 0x8FB2000C
_L 0x217F82B8 0x8FB10008
_L 0x217F82BC 0x8FB00004
_L 0x217F82C0 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F82C4 0x27BD0020
_L 0x217F82C8 0x8EA40000
_L 0x217F82CC 0xA085012C
_L 0x217F82D0 0xA086012D
_L 0x217F82D4 0xA087012E
_L 0x217F82D8 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F82DC 0xA086015F
_L 0x217F82E0 0x808601E8
_L 0x217F82E4 0x8E477FEC
_L 0x217F82E8 0x00064040
_L 0x217F82EC 0x00E83821
_L 0x217F82F0 0x94E80000
_L 0x217F82F4 0x15000003
_L 0x217F82F8 0x01003021
_L 0x217F82FC 0x24060067
_L 0x217F8300 0x36458471
_L 0x217F8304 0x8E477FE8
_L 0x217F8308 0x00063080
_L 0x217F830C 0x00E64021
_L 0x217F8310 0x8D080000
_L 0x217F8314 0x01073021
_L 0x217F8318 0x848702E4
_L 0x217F831C 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F8320 0x8488041E
_L 0x217F8324 0x00003821
_L 0x217F8328 0x3C0742C8
_L 0x217F832C 0x44860000
_L 0x217F8330 0x44870800
_L 0x217F8334 0x46010002
_L 0x217F8338 0x46000024
_L 0x217F833C 0x1000000B
_L 0x217F8340 0x44060000
_L 0x217F8344 0x10C00003
_L 0x217F834C 0x10000007
_L 0x217F8350 0x3645846A
_L 0x217F8354 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F835C 0x1D000003
_L 0x217F8360 0x36458430
_L 0x217F8364 0x3645846D
_L 0x217F8368 0x36478484
_L 0x217F836C 0x8EA40000
_L 0x217F8370 0xA4890120
_L 0x217F8374 0x0A2244D3
_L 0x217F8378 0xA48A0122
_L 0x217F837C 0x03E01021
_L 0x217F8384 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F838C 0x36458433
_L 0x217F8390 0x0040F821
_L 0x217F8394 0x862602E4
_L 0x217F8398 0x1000FFF4
_L 0x217F839C 0x8627041E
_L 0x217F83A0 0x12200008
_L 0x217F83AC 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F83B0 0x92477FC6
_L 0x217F83B4 0x3645843B
_L 0x217F83BC 0x0E7FE0E5
_L 0x217F83C4 0x1000FF1F
_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 MHFU [03/05]
_L 0xE15100FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x217F83CC 0x12200004
_L 0x217F83D0 0x92477FC9
_L 0x217F83D8 0x0E7FE0DF
_L 0x217F83E0 0x8E910000
_L 0x217F83E4 0x12200004
_L 0x217F83E8 0x92477FC8
_L 0x217F83F0 0x0E7FE0DF
_L 0x217F83F8 0x8E910008
_L 0x217F83FC 0x12200004
_L 0x217F8400 0x92477FCA
_L 0x217F8408 0x0E7FE0DF
_L 0x217F8410 0x8E91000C
_L 0x217F8414 0x12200004
_L 0x217F8418 0x92477FCB
_L 0x217F8420 0x0E7FE0DF
_L 0x217F8428 0x1000FF06
_L 0x217F8430 0x253A7325
_L 0x217F8434 0x252F6433
_L 0x217F8438 0x48006433
_L 0x217F843C 0x35253A50
_L 0x217F8440 0x35252F64
_L 0x217F8444 0x54410064
_L 0x217F8448 0x33253A4B
_L 0x217F844C 0x00252564
_L 0x217F8450 0x3A464544
_L 0x217F8454 0x25643325
_L 0x217F8458 0x69530025
_L 0x217F845C 0x33253A7A
_L 0x217F8460 0x00252564
_L 0x217F8464 0x253A7325
_L 0x217F8468 0x64252F64
_L 0x217F846C 0x3A732500
_L 0x217F8470 0x00732520
_L 0x217F8474 0x00706C53
_L 0x217F8478 0x00696F50
_L 0x217F847C 0x00726150
_L 0x217F8480 0x00204F4B
_L 0x217F8484 0x6576654E
_L 0x117F8488 0x00000072
_L 0x217F84A0 0x90497FD0
_L 0x217F84A4 0x10090008
_L 0x217F84A8 0xA0407FD0
_L 0x217F84AC 0x90537FE1
_L 0x217F84B0 0x14130003
_L 0x217F84B4 0x90527FE0
_L 0x217F84B8 0x02409821
_L 0x217F84BC 0x22730001
_L 0x217F84C0 0x2273FFFF
_L 0x217F84C4 0xA0537FE1
_L 0x217F84C8 0x90497FD1
_L 0x217F84CC 0x10090008
_L 0x217F84D0 0xA0407FD1
_L 0x217F84D4 0x90527FE0
_L 0x217F84D8 0x90537FE1
_L 0x217F84DC 0x16530002
_L 0x217F84E4 0x241300FF
_L 0x217F84E8 0x22730001
_L 0x217F84EC 0xA0537FE1
_L 0x217F84F0 0x90497FD2
_L 0x217F84F4 0x1009000B
_L 0x217F84F8 0xA0407FD2
_L 0x217F84FC 0x90537FE3
_L 0x217F8500 0x240900FF
_L 0x217F8504 0x15330002
_L 0x217F8508 0x90527FE2
_L 0x217F850C 0x02409821
_L 0x217F8510 0x14130002
_L 0x217F8518 0xAC407FE4
_L 0x217F851C 0x2273FFFF
_L 0x217F8520 0xA0537FE3
_L 0x217F8524 0x90497FD3
_L 0x217F8528 0x10090009
_L 0x217F852C 0xA0407FD3
_L 0x217F8530 0x90527FE2
_L 0x217F8534 0x90537FE3
_L 0x217F8538 0x22730001
_L 0x217F853C 0x16720003
_L 0x217F8544 0x241300FF
_L 0x217F8548 0xAC407FE4
_L 0x217F854C 0xA0537FE3
_L 0x217F8550 0x0A7FE00A
_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 Settings [04/05]
_L 0xE1030001 0x217F7FE1
_L 0x217F7FC0 0x00001300
_L 0x217F7FC4 0x00000000
_L 0x217F7FC8 0x00000000
_L 0xE15400FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x017F7FD6 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FD7 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FD8 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FD9 0x00000001
_L 0x217F803C 0x00000000
_L 0xE1040001 0x017F7FD6
_L 0xD0000001 0x10040000
_L 0x217F803C 0x0A7FE0F3
_L 0xD0000001 0x30040000
_L 0x217F803C 0x0A7FE0E8
_L 0x217F8108 0x1000003D
_L 0xD17F7FD7 0x20000001
_L 0x217F8108 0x12800066
_L 0x217F8200 0x10000028
_L 0xD17F7FD8 0x20000001
_L 0x217F8200 0x12800028
_L 0x217F829C 0x00000000
_L 0xD17F7FD9 0x20000001
_L 0x217F829C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F80D0 0x2405000C
_L 0x217F80D8 0x2406000D
_L 0x217F80E4 0x24090008
_L 0x217F80E8 0x240A0070
_L 0x217F80F8 0x2631000B
_L 0x217F810C 0x2405000C
_L 0x217F8110 0x2406000D
_L 0x217F8128 0x24090008
_L 0x217F812C 0x240A00CC
_L 0x217F8140 0x24090008
_L 0x217F8144 0x240A00D7
_L 0x217F815C 0x24090008
_L 0x217F8164 0x240A00E2
_L 0x217F8170 0x2409003D
_L 0x217F8178 0x240A00E2
_L 0x217F8184 0x24090072
_L 0x217F818C 0x240A00E2
_L 0x217F8190 0x2405000C
_L 0x217F8194 0x2406000D
_L 0x217F81AC 0x24090008
_L 0x217F81B4 0x240A00ED
_L 0x217F81C4 0x2409005A
_L 0x217F81CC 0x240A00ED
_L 0x217F81DC 0x24090008
_L 0x217F81E4 0x240A00F8
_L 0x217F81F4 0x2409005A
_L 0x217F81FC 0x240A00F8
_L 0x217F8204 0x2405000C
_L 0x217F8208 0x2406000D
_L 0x217F8214 0x24090012
_L 0x217F8218 0x240A0103
_L 0x217F8224 0x24090047
_L 0x217F8228 0x240A0103
_L 0x217F8234 0x2409007C
_L 0x217F8238 0x240A0103
_L 0x217F8244 0x240900B1
_L 0x217F8248 0x240A0103
_L 0x217F8254 0x240900E6
_L 0x217F8258 0x240A0103
_L 0x217F8264 0x2409011B
_L 0x217F8268 0x240A0103
_L 0x217F8274 0x24090150
_L 0x217F8278 0x240A0103
_L 0x217F8284 0x24090185
_L 0x217F8288 0x240A0103
_L 0x217F8294 0x240901BA
_L 0x217F8298 0x240A0103
_L 0x217F8380 0x2405000C
_L 0x217F8388 0x2406000D
_L 0x217F83EC 0x24090078
_L 0x217F83F4 0x240A0002
_L 0x217F83D4 0x240900C0
_L 0x217F83DC 0x240A0002
_L 0x217F8404 0x24090108
_L 0x217F840C 0x240A0002
_L 0x217F841C 0x24090150
_L 0x217F8424 0x240A0002
_L 0x217F83A4 0x2405000C
_L 0x217F83A8 0x2406000D
_L 0x217F83B8 0x24090008
_L 0x217F83C0 0x240A005F
_L 0x20041DB4 0x0E7FDFE0
_L 0xD17F7FE0 0x201000FF
_L 0x017F7FDF 0x00000000
_L 0x017F7FD5 0x00000001
_L 0xD17F7F80 0x201000E0
_L 0x017F7FDF 0x000000FF
_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 Inputs [05/05]
_L 0xE10200FF 0x117F8029
_L 0xD0000003 0x10004100
_L 0xE1030000 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x017F7FD5 0x00000000
_L 0x017F7FDF 0x000000FF
_L 0x117F7FE0 0x00000000
_L 0xE10600FF 0x117F8029
_L 0xD0000006 0x10000101
_L 0xE10600FF 0x017F7FDA
_L 0xE1020000 0x017F7FD4
_L 0x017F7FDA 0x00000000
_L 0x017F7FD4 0x00000001
_L 0xE10200FF 0x017F7FDA
_L 0x017F7FDA 0x00000000
_L 0x017F7FD4 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000101
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FDA
_L 0x017F7FDA 0x000000FF
_L 0xE11C0001 0x017F7FD4
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000180
_L 0xE10200FF 0x017F7FDE
_L 0x017F7FD0 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FDE 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000180
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FDE
_L 0x017F7FDE 0x000000FF
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000120
_L 0xE10200FF 0x017F7FDC
_L 0x017F7FD1 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FDC 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000120
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FDC
_L 0x017F7FDC 0x000000FF
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000110
_L 0xE10200FF 0x017F7FDB
_L 0x017F7FD2 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FDB 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000110
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FDB
_L 0x017F7FDB 0x000000FF
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000140
_L 0xE10200FF 0x017F7FDD
_L 0x017F7FD3 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FDD 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000140
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FDD
_L 0x017F7FDD 0x000000FF
_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 aC001 [4m8:!c3]                  [Alternative Colors (001/255)] [!!Must stay on!!]
_L 0xE1030001 0x017F7FE1
_L 0x217F7FC0 0x000E0E15
_L 0x217F7FC4 0x00171716
_L 0x217F7FC8 0x07160E17
_L 0xD17F7FD5 0x20100001
_L 0x30100001 0x017F7FE0
_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 aC002 [IoN:F!r3]                 [Alternative Colors (002/255)] [!!Must stay on!!]
_L 0xE1030002 0x017F7FE1
_L 0x217F7FC0 0x00181802
_L 0x217F7FC4 0x0013130B
_L 0x217F7FC8 0x12180B13
_L 0xD17F7FD5 0x20100001
_L 0x30100001 0x017F7FE0

Near the top of the 4th part (helpfully labeled "Settings"), there are a few lines representing the userVariables. They can be used to switch certain parts of the HPD on or off.
You can identify them by the leading adresses (marked in red).

_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 Settings [04/05]

_L 0x017F7FD6 0x00000001....Partner HPDisplay........(On/Off).[1/0]
_L 0x017F7FD7 0x00000001....Status Display...........(On/Off).[1/0]
_L 0x017F7FD8 0x00000001....Stagger Limit Display....(On/Off).[1/0]
_L 0x017F7FD9 0x00000001....Stag 9 available.........(On/Off).[1/0]

The Stag 9 option is best left at the default setting.

Enable Cheats in PPSSPP's game settings and activate all of the code's parts and the themes if they are not already. Controls in-game are as follows.

L+Select         Activate/Deactivate the HPD
L+Up/Down        Scroll through the Monster List
L+Left/Right     Change the active color theme (only if other themes are present)
WLAN (On/Off)    Switch between PartnerHP & MultiplayerHP Display (If enabled in userVars)
L+X              Reinitialize the HPD (necessary if you change userVars or add themes inGame)

HP Display Customization
I'll copy most of this from the old HPD guide, since it still applies.

Chapter 1
Creating your own custom color theme
The first thing we need to understand about themes is the colorID. As you can see in the following example, the colorID appears twice!!
The first time in decimal (three digits) in the Name, it's not actually needed. (But it can help you keep track of them.) The second time in the code itself as hexadecimal (2 digits). It's used by CWCheat to decide which theme is active. (Don't worry it's easier than it sounds)
Here is an example Header:

_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 aCxxx Name
_L 0xE10300xx 0x017F7FE1
xxx.....The colorID of the theme (decimal,three digits,leading zeros)
Name....A name for the Theme (max. 14 letters long)
xx......The colorID of the theme (hexadecimal,two digits,leading zero)

The important thing about the colorID is that it must be ascending. This means, if you add three themes the ID's must be 1,2,3 not 1,4,6. Of course, if you already have the first 2, then the next 3 must be 3,4,5.
Now for the actual coloring. Each installment of the series has added some new colors to the palette. Here's a color palette with the appropriate codes (click for big):

Finally use this sample theme as a guideline to create your own:

_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 aC001 [4m8:!c3]......ID & Name, see above
_L 0xE1030001 0x017F7FE1............colorID of the Theme (Hexadecimal)
_L 0x217F7FC0 0x000E0E15............HP Colors for Partner, Unselected Monster and Selected Monster
_L 0x217F7FC4 0x00171716............Stats, Status and Stagger Display Color
_L 0x217F7FC8 0x07160E17............MultiplayerHP Color for Server, Client1, Client2, Client3
_L 0xD17F7FD5 0x20100001............Don't edit this!!
_L 0x30100001 0x017F7FE0............Don't edit this!!

Chapter 2
Changing the default color theme
You might want to start with another color than the "Default White". To achieve this, you simply need to change one byte in [05/05] (the 6th line) to the colorID (in hex) of the theme you'd like to see as default.

_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 Inputs [05/05]
_L 0x117F7FE0 0x00000000..(line 6)..defaultColorID (00 => "Classic White")

Chapter 3
Repositioning the displayed information
You might prefer a different look than the one that's pre-set. Feel free to shift stuff around as much as you like ;-)
You can adjust the width & height of the display segments and you can move each element by modifying the respective x/y cordinate. To remove an element choose coordinates outside of the screen.
The following codes start at line 25 of part 4.

_C1 HPD 7.7 [04/05]
_L 0x217F80D0 0x2405000C....Width...(Monster List)
_L 0x217F80D8 0x2406000D....Height..(Monster List)
_L 0x217F80E4 0x24090008....posX....(Monster List)
_L 0x217F80E8 0x240A0070....posY....(Monster List)
_L 0x217F80F8 0x2631000B....posY....(Monster List) [Offset]
_L 0x217F810C 0x2405000C....Width...(Monster Stats)
_L 0x217F8110 0x2406000D....Height..(Monster Stats)
_L 0x217F8128 0x24090008....posX....(Stats - Name)
_L 0x217F812C 0x240A00CC....posY....(Stats - Name)
_L 0x217F8140 0x24090008....posX....(Stats - HP)
_L 0x217F8144 0x240A00D7....posY....(Stats - HP)
_L 0x217F815C 0x24090008....posX....(Stats - ATK)
_L 0x217F8164 0x240A00E2....posY....(Stats - ATK)
_L 0x217F8170 0x2409003D....posX....(Stats - DEF)
_L 0x217F8178 0x240A00E2....posY....(Stats - DEF)
_L 0x217F8184 0x24090072....posX....(Stats - SIZ)
_L 0x217F818C 0x240A00E2....posY....(Stats - SIZ)
_L 0x217F8190 0x2405000C....Width...(Monster Status)
_L 0x217F8194 0x2406000D....Height..(Monster Status)
_L 0x217F81AC 0x24090008....posX....(Status - SLP)
_L 0x217F81B4 0x240A00ED....posY....(Status - SLP)
_L 0x217F81C4 0x2409005A....posX....(Status - POI)
_L 0x217F81CC 0x240A00ED....posY....(Status - POI)
_L 0x217F81DC 0x24090008....posX....(Status - PAR)
_L 0x217F81E4 0x240A00F8....posY....(Status - PAR)
_L 0x217F81F4 0x2409005A....posX....(Status - KO)
_L 0x217F81FC 0x240A00F8....posY....(Status - KO)
_L 0x217F8204 0x2405000C....Width...(Monster Stags)
_L 0x217F8208 0x2406000D....Height..(Monster Stags)
_L 0x217F8214 0x24090012....posX....(Stag 1)
_L 0x217F8218 0x240A0103....posY....(Stag 1)
_L 0x217F8224 0x24090047....posX....(Stag 2)
_L 0x217F8228 0x240A0103....posY....(Stag 2)
_L 0x217F8234 0x2409007C....posX....(Stag 3)
_L 0x217F8238 0x240A0103....posY....(Stag 3)
_L 0x217F8244 0x240900B1....posX....(Stag 4)
_L 0x217F8248 0x240A0103....posY....(Stag 4)
_L 0x217F8254 0x240900E6....posX....(Stag 5)
_L 0x217F8258 0x240A0103....posY....(Stag 5)
_L 0x217F8264 0x2409011B....posX....(Stag 6)
_L 0x217F8268 0x240A0103....posY....(Stag 6)
_L 0x217F8274 0x24090150....posX....(Stag 7)
_L 0x217F8278 0x240A0103....posY....(Stag 7)
_L 0x217F8284 0x24090185....posX....(Stag 8)
_L 0x217F8288 0x240A0103....posY....(Stag 8)
_L 0x217F8294 0x240901BA....posX....(Stag 9)
_L 0x217F8298 0x240A0103....posY....(Stag 9)
_L 0x217F8380 0x2405000C....Width...(Multiplayer HP)
_L 0x217F8388 0x2406000D....Height..(Multiplayer HP)
_L 0x217F83EC 0x24090078....posX....(Multiplayer HP [Server])
_L 0x217F83F4 0x240A0002....posY....(Multiplayer HP [Server])
_L 0x217F83D4 0x240900C0....posX....(Multiplayer HP [Client 1])
_L 0x217F83DC 0x240A0002....posY....(Multiplayer HP [Client 1])
_L 0x217F8404 0x24090108....posX....(Multiplayer HP [Client 2])
_L 0x217F840C 0x240A0002....posY....(Multiplayer HP [Client 2])
_L 0x217F841C 0x24090150....posX....(Multiplayer HP [Client 3])
_L 0x217F8424 0x240A0002....posY....(Multiplayer HP [Client 3])
_L 0x217F83A4 0x2405000C....Width...(Partner HP)
_L 0x217F83A8 0x2406000D....Height..(Partner HP)
_L 0x217F83B8 0x24090008....posX....(Partner HP)
_L 0x217F83C0 0x240A005F....posY....(Partner HP)

Chapter 4
Changing the Button Layout
This is the hardest to do. Mainly because those values are not grouped together like the rest. As you will see in the default layout, you can combine more than one button.
I must advise against changing the multiPlayerHP Control (WLAN). It's designed to be used as a switch or toggle, not a button press. It's also the only one where you'll have to re-initialize the hack afterwards & go into the cheat menu to reset the running code.

_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 Settings [04/05]
_L 0xD0000001 0x10040000 (line 12) Button-Combo "MultiPlayerHP (a)"..[here:......(WLAN)]
_L 0xD0000001 0x30040000 (line 14) Button-Combo "MultiPlayerHP (b)"..[here:.....!(WLAN)]
_C1 HHPPDD 7.7 Inputs [05/05]
_L 0xD0000003 0x10004100 (line 02) Button-Combo "Reinitialize".......[here:.......(L+X)]
_L 0xD0000006 0x10000101 (line 08) Button-Combo "Hack On/Off (a)"....[here:..(L+Select)]
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000101 (line 16) Button-Combo "Hack On/Off (b)"....[here: !(L+Select)]
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000180 (line 20) Button-Combo "previous Color (a)" [here:....(L+Left)]
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000180 (line 24) Button-Combo "previous Color (b)" [here:...!(L+Left)]
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000120 (line 27) Button-Combo "next Color (a)".....[here:...(L+Right)]
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000120 (line 31) Button-Combo "next Color (b)".....[here:..!(L+Right)]
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000110 (line 34) Button-Combo "List Up (a)"........[here:......(L+Up)]
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000110 (line 38) Button-Combo "List Up (b)"........[here:.....!(L+Up)]
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000140 (line 41) Button-Combo "List Down (a)"......[here:....(L+Down)]
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000140 (line 45) Button-Combo "List Down (b)"......[here:...!(L+Down)]

Make sure that the (a) & (b) parts of the button combos are equal!
Here are the relevant button codes, straight from PPSSPP's source code:
// Button      Code
// SELECT      0x00000001
// START       0x00000008
// DPAD UP     0x00000010
// DPAD RIGHT  0x00000020
// DPAD DOWN   0x00000040
// DPAD LEFT   0x00000080
// L TRIGGER   0x00000100
// R TRIGGER   0x00000200
// TRIANGLE    0x00001000
// CIRCLE      0x00002000
// CROSS       0x00004000
// SQUARE      0x00008000
// HOME        0x00010000
// HOLD        0x00020000
// WLAN        0x00040000
// REMOTE HOLD 0x00080000
// VOLUME UP   0x00100000
// VOLUME DOWN 0x00200000
// SCREEN      0x00400000
// NOTE        0x00800000

Okay, that's it. I'm done.
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