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[Video] How To Use Cheats On PPSSPP
09-28-2015, 03:45 AM (This post was last modified: 09-28-2015 04:45 AM by JorgeFFC.)
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RE: [Video] How To Use Cheats On PPSSPP
Sharing my Last Cheat.db before i actually sold my PSP.

It does have codes for 500+ games, including the latest codes for too many rpg's(i really loved rpg's on my psp, games like: digimon re-digize, persona 3, la pucelle english patched, disgaea, valkyrie profile lenneth, and many others). Mainly RPG will have a loooong list of codes ^^,.

The steps i did to add codes into the latest version of the emulator for android(on my cellphone) LG G3 Android like this) It fully worked for me though =P.
1 - Downloaded the Emulator
2 - Opened a game, made a savestate, opened ppsspp config and changed to Active Cheats.
3 - Copy my Cheat.db inside the ?/legacy/PSP/Cheats/(Paste it here, it depends on your mobile/system you're using, if you're on non-root mobile, use the program that came with the cellphone to put the file there or it'll ask super admin). If it's on computer you can simple go to your PSP main-folder, look to the newly created Cheats folder that the emulator auto-creates after activating the Cheat option and add the db inside there, import the cheats same way as on mobile.
4 - Open any game and press "Import from DB", any game that has codes inside will grab all codes and make a list on the menu.
5 - Activate any code and play the game with them as you want.
6 - You can download an CWCheat editor and edit the database as you want later, the same as using an PSP, if you guys ever did this you'll know what to do, simple copy the Cheat.db into your computer, download an db editor(i remember i used the version, i dislike the newest ones) then mod the file and save with the new codes, import again if wanted.

The Step by Step on Windows(Computers)
- Download Windows Emulator.
- Extract on any folder you want.
- Open the emulator and go to configuration, press activate cheats(alternatively press CTRL+T)
- Close the emulator once.
- Open Emulator, a game, save an state/normal save then, close the emulator again.(this will create the folders responsible from cheats+stats on your emulator folder).
- Go to Cheats folder and you'll notice that a new text file was created, paste the DB together with that new text file and don't delete it.
- Open the game again, before start playing, press ESC, select "Cheats" and on menu press "Import Cheats from DB"(or something like this)
- If the database has codes for the game you have(exactly region and things, it'll import all codes saved on my list and add them as a list next to the import option...
- Activate any code you want then load a state(the codes will be active, it's better to load a state to avoid a little crash or something by the random exchange of data while the game was running, you can choose to [b]pause the game[/b] before applying any code too.

If you guys did all the steps above without avoid anything, cheats should work frawless. If you guys want more codes, you can add them by yourself modding the file using a cheat database editor... i mainly prefer the old version above 1.0, the editor became more strange and i couldn't get used with the new configuration from the app).
PS: As a code user on an actual PSP instead of an emulator i can guarantee that all codes do work, but some has an Joker to activate/necessity of a (M)Code, if this (M)Code is deactivated, they wouldn't work and freeze the emulator. I couldn't add the info on all the jokers because the code description has a limit... so, sometimes you may need to search my codes on google so you can actually look at the button pad to active/deactivate. There are some cases of games like "YS Seven", if you start a new game with Codes, it'll actually crash the emulator, it does crash on a certain boss too. To use codes on this game, you should keep codes deactivated and activate while already inside game(game has protection against data mods), so, make a save without any code active "already inside game" and load it later to use codes or game will auto-crash everytime on menu, if you get past menu(already inside game) you can activate the codes and play.

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