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K-ON! Houkago Live!! HD Ver.
10-02-2014, 02:21 PM (This post was last modified: 10-02-2014 02:31 PM by cybercjt.)
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RE: K-ON! Houkago Live!! HD Ver.
(09-30-2014 06:35 PM)cybercjt Wrote:  [quote='TheDax' pid='31905' dateline='1372399762']
Genre : Music/Rhythm game
Region : JP
Format : ISO
Version : v0.8.1-39 and onward, x86/x64
Game ID : NPJB-40002
OS : Windows 7 x64 SP1
Status: Playable
Compatibility : Seems to be perfectly playable so far.

Images(Click/touch for full size):
[Image: ihp8m209VGHHq.jpg]
[Image: ibpeT9GXgvLR6C.jpg]
[Image: ib1StgG4p7Dyl7.jpg]
[Image: ib0KNNzJkBb806.jpg]

What's the directory structure of your ISO on UMDGen O.o I'm trying to rebuild mine cuz I extracted the contents of the Eboot pbp and I've been blindy rearranging things on UMDGen and I also got some contents on the original PSP ISO but after rebuilding it's always corrupted when I load it on PPSSPP :O

Edit + Screenshots:

Woops nevermind about this :3 I managed to find the solution :3 I just need to use PSN PKG Tool, dump the EBOOT.PBP and convert it to ISO automatically :O and extra crap I replaced the icon and background with the HD Remastered one also so yea thats it Big Grin

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