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A comprehensive list of games that are only problematic on AMD/ATI graphics cards
07-10-2013, 05:04 AM
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RE: A comprehensive list of games that are only problematic on AMD/ATI graphics cards
(06-28-2013 03:34 AM)solarmystic Wrote:  Generic non-vendor specific advice to getting the best performance on PPSSPP for your lower end device/machine:-

I figured I'd just add this bit at the end to round off this post since it's bound to be asked a lot in the forums and it'd be convenient to have it in this thread anyway.

If you're really desperate for some extra speed (remember, Speed and FPS are 2 different metrics for measurement in PPSSPP), you can do the following:-

1. Turn on Frameskipping and set it 1 or 3 (Odd numbers (1,3,5) work best, Even numbers (2,4,6) cause flickering in games)

2. Turn off Buffered Rendering (May break games that need it. A lot of games don't require it to work. Minor speed boost)

3. Make sure 2xSSAA (speed killer) and any form of Texture Scaling (speed killer and causes hitches on lower end machines when on) is off. Anisotropic Texture filtering, however, is fine and nearly free on any modern PC.

4. Play at only 1x or 2x rendering resolution

5. Use the "Unlock CPU Clock" option in the System Settings menu, and set it to something lower (default:-222MHz), like 111MHz or even 60-80 MHz. People with lower end Android devices have reported some success in gaining more speed with that function. Warning: Lowering the CPU Clock too much will cause unpredictable behaviour within games like SPS and jerkiness. Experiment at your own risk. Also, there is a trade off between increased Speed, as you reduce the frequency, but lower internal FPS. Find a balance you can be comfortable with.

6. Turn off all other background applications while playing games on PPSSPP. (Add exceptions to your virus/malware scanners for this program if you have to)

7. Update your drivers. (this may not always be a good idea since newer AMD drivers have conflicts with the program as reported in the forum)

8. Ensure that Hardware Transform (massive speed boost) and Vertex Cache are ON. (They should be on by default, there are exceptions to this tip, see the Tekken 6 example I mentioned above.)

9. Also ensure that the emulator is running in JIT (Dynarec) mode. (which it should be, by default)

10. Turn on FastMem. (not always recommended since it is quite unstable and can cause crashes.)

11. Turn off Atrac3+ audio (you will not be able to hear most games' BGM or voices, only turn it off if you're desperate for more Speed)

12. Turn off Vsync. (Will cause tearing in the image, but gives a performance boost)

I've just read your addition to the thread. Fyi, I've installed Windows XP on my old rig with X800 before that It had Windows 7 under drivers of Windows Vista. Amazing thing is that enabling hardware transform is now giving a HUGE boost in performace (80-100% speed boost) though enabling Vertex Cache still doesn't give speed boost while enabling both of them at the same time decreases a lot of frames. I'm easily getting 60 Speed without frameskipping with hardware transform on GTA Vice City Stories which is a bit heavy for 7 year old card I think, But recently builds have strange full screen bug. When I toggle full screen during game it drops the Speed from 60 to 10 which is virtually unplayable. But, when I toggle full screen before opening game then the speed remains same. That was happening in Windows 7 as well so it's not a driver problem I think. The problem with ATI/AMD drivers is that they don't unleash full potentail of a GPU. They have to lose something or feature while gaining other thing.
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