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another encrypted game?
06-14-2013, 04:25 PM (This post was last modified: 06-14-2013 04:26 PM by Apology11.)
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RE: another encrypted game?
(06-14-2013 03:05 AM)logan83-adi Wrote:  just ask.
how about a encrypted game?
Is that legal or illegal to copy a code from jpcsp,or its different code/language?

i have my own psp,and a iso from splinter cell essential.
When i try to boot from jpcsp,its work but the graphic is messep up and i think jpcsp consume a huge RAM,,2GB almost full.

But then,im try to boot from ppsspp its says,,game exit.
The question is,,its that legal to copy a code or a patch maybe?

Is there any other game that use an encrypted?

Sorry,for my bad english

It´s another programming language, jpcsp is written in java ppsspp is written in c++.

And almost every game you can buy is protected, but they get decrypted by ppsspp already.

For porblems with Splinter Cell please post in this topic:

(06-14-2013 10:46 AM)elsword Wrote:  having an actual psp and playing on emulator .

cool story bro

You should have an actual psp if you use this emulator, otherwise it´s not legal to get games for ppsspp.
Anyways an emulator is about playing original games in better graphics and have access to more features than the original console offers.
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