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[Request] Help -> Update
05-30-2013, 04:10 PM (This post was last modified: 05-30-2013 04:11 PM by Afinda.)
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[Request] Help -> Update
Basicly an Feature that eliminates going to the automatic buildbot site for most recent dev-updates. Should accumulate the latest 5 revisions update notes and link to the Buildbot Site.(AND/OR any builds from the latest Build to the last Build before (Thus including changes for <NO BUILD> changes))

Info could be something like:

"Help -> Update: Check the Buildbot for the recent Version"

"New build found: vx.x.x-yyy-zzzzzzzz(current: vx.x.x-yyy-zzzzzzzz)"-> "Changelog (Merge/Change notes)" -> "Update <Y/N>?"

"Since this is a developement build there is a chance of features which had full compability to have reduced or non compability. PPSSPP is subject to change and therefor cannot guarantee full support with ongoing developer builds. If you want the best compability it is highly recommended to get the latest stable build at <URL>."

This would require:

Checking Buildbot for latest revision (Ver > CurVer)
Browsing/Download Capabilitys (Browse to Buildbot -> Download File Temp)
Extraction Process(rar)
Update File, best served along with MD5(Ver > CurVer?)
Patching of changed files (Overwrite Y/N?)
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