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cpu clock's impact on fps [GT-I9300]
05-29-2013, 05:45 PM
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RE: cpu clock's impact on fps [GT-I9300]
(05-29-2013 05:36 PM)zarles1 Wrote:  Thanks to all of you for your replies.
I just tried out a few Benchmark apps (Quadrant, Nenamark, Basemark ES2 Traji) and with both overclocking CPU(to 1,6 GHZ) and GPU (from 440 to 666 MHZ) using STweaks the results improved by 10-15%.
@XSacha: Thanks for the advise. I checked with STweaks whether CPU-OCing with NS-Tools affects the GPU-clock but it didn't. I'll give other games a try to experiment with OCing^^

Just one more question: Henrik said something about OpenGL drivers on Android. I guess, they're always bound to the Firmware (like Jelly Bean 4.1.2) or is there a way to get enhanced drivers?

GPU drivers can be found inside the kernel, there's suposed to be a newer driver on 4.2.2 ROMs (CM, SlimBeam), as these roms won't display anything without the new driver, I could test that by myself using the older siyah Kernels which worked before the new driver implementation on the newer roms, have in mind that multi-rom kernels as siyah, googy, Devil, will choose the driver to be used depending on the rom you're on, so if you're on 4.1.2 you'll be using the old driver, then switching to something newer as CM 10.1 or SlimBeam, or anything else which needs it, will then trigger the newer Mali driver. (GM had stated how he removed one of the drivers from his kernels do drop CM10 support, as he refused to keep three Mali drivers on a single kernel).

Hope that's useful for you.

-Samsung galaxy S3 International version - Android 4.4.2
-Dual Core locked CPU, Clocked at 1Ghz-1.8Ghz
-Mali 400MP4 GPU Clocked from 160Mhz to 533Mhz
-1GB ram, boo..
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