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PSP fonts - replacement font?
05-06-2013, 02:36 AM
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PSP fonts - replacement font?
I messed with fonts some today, and found the following:

* All our fonts are larger than the PSP's fonts (at least my PSP.)
* tpunix's pgftools work great with a bit of messaging.
* To generate new fonts, we'll need to trim off 0s from the bitmap to fix spacing issues.
* We'll probably have to apply some overall adjustments to the ascender and such.
* Things can definitely look better than they do now.

A great game for testing is Lunar 1. It looks horrible right now, and improving the fonts (especially sizes) would make it look much better. Another is Dissidia.

Anyway, anyone have any good suggestions for a free font (actually two) that looks similar to the PSP one? Needs the following:

* Normal, Bold, Italic, and Bold/Italic styles.
* One with serifs (Times New Roman, etc.) and one without (Sans.)
* Should be a font we can legally distribute the bitmap representation of.
* Latin font needs these glyphs (hex code points):
0020-007e (ASCII)
00a0-00ff (Latin-1 supplement)
0152-0153, 0160-0161, 0178, 0192 (Latin Extended A and B)
02c6, 02dc, 0301, 0306, 0308, 0338 (modifiers/diacritics)
0401-044f, 0451-045f, 0490-0491, 04c0 (Cyrillic)
2013-2014, 2018-201a, 201c-201e, 2020-2022, 2026, 2030, 2039, 203a, 20ac (punctuation)
2116, 2122 (symbols)
2206, 2219, 221a, 221e, 2248, 2260, 2264, 2265 (math)
* Should have similar width/height/spacing/leading to PSP font.

Could also update the Japanese font (would probably use the Latin font for the Latin characters, though.) It would need considerably more characters, of course (about 9778, which by the way may be good chars for PPGe, etc.) I'm not sure about the Korean font (I assume kr0 is Korean...)

Anyway, would appreciate any suggestions.

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