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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 1 HD Cards Texture Pack
04-25-2022, 10:15 AM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2023 07:19 PM by chrisfand.)
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Photo Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 1 HD Cards Texture Pack
Texture pack for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 1

v1.0, HQ lossless PNGs (1.4GB), includes anime and TCG image options

v1.0 PNG-8 compression (500MB), with anime and tcg options. Recommended if you are playing on a handheld/phone screen or get stuttering with the HQ version

- Initial release

  • Textures are 4x the original PSP resolution.
  • non-card textures are AI upscaled with realESRGAN
  • 3D models for characters and duel disks have been AI upscaled
  • All cards except tokens have replacement textures.
  • OCG artwork is used instead of TCG when possible. Some exceptions are Destiny Board, cards with English text, and TCG versions that just looked cooler in my opinion.
  • You can pick between TCG or Anime style cards.

Known Issues / Missing Textures
  • I'm not using quickhash, so performance might be terrible if you are using a very old device that is not 64-bit.
  • Some card names might not match if they changed name in the TCG since release. I obtained the most recent card names from Yugipedia.
  • Token cards are missing because there is no easy way to dump the hashes. If anyone wants to contribute them I can add it to the pack.
  • Large card images have random data in the bottom right corner when dumped, which means it might multiple hashes that are hard to obtain reliably. You might see the original texture until you go to a different card and go back. This mostly only happens in the Recipe Viewer or Card Album Menu. Card thumbnails have this problem too but I already got MOST of the hashes since it's not as severe.

Special Thanks
xan1242's CIPTool for dumping textures from the game
clickclaxer01 for translation, updated card frame textures, and other helpul info
epicepicness from YGOPRO2 forums for anime-style card images
Forum user GDO-KV2 for providing card icons and card frame textures
Forum user MiyamuraShiro for his Yu-Gi-Oh! Portuguese TF1 remaster project, which got me interested in starting this.
Konami for making Master Duel and modern Yu-Gi-Oh such an awful experience, leading me to go back to older games.

Before/After Comparisons
[Image: output-r-AIg-IA.gif]
[Image: gemini.gif]
[Image: output-I0f-WCT.gif]
[Image: output-wdqkxi.gif]
[Image: output-9-HOf-YJ.gif]
[Image: output-BENs-IA.gif]
[Image: output-1-Uk-Lhm.gif]
[Image: output-EUWIRt.gif]
[Image: output-f4x-YKT.gif]
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