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02-11-2022, 12:30 PM (This post was last modified: 02-11-2022 12:34 PM by Bavanity.)
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RE: Gripshift
It has write rights.. it's in my documents in /emulation/ppsspp gold and yours is in emulation/ppsspp test build
It says PSP native resolution, clearly. I may not know much but I know at default, PPSSPP does not upscale unless you tell it too. I changed not one setting of your build except controls and only once i realised it had fixed the coded arms contagion issue. I have touched no other setting, it's all default.
So yours by default must upscale, and I confused it with conflicting with my other build. All good. I'll muck about with it later and make sure there are no conflicts.
I am not that stupid that I don't know the difference between per game or common settings. For coded arms for example, even in your build, I only set it as a per game input config, the overall config for other games is not affected. LOL just because I am not proficient in windows doesn't mean I can't run an app.

But think about this.. you are telling me I am basically probably doing everything wrong within the app, hence the issues I mentioned, then tell me to add the fix myself which is way more complicated than just using the app itself. How does that make sense?

I'll try though because it's worth a shot.

I just checked the compat.ini file...
yeah, I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about. I am not even going to try.
I don't understand when you know exactly what you are doing, why can't you try? If it's text it will take you two minutes and I'd appreciate it.
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