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Weird memory leak issue with OpenGL
10-25-2021, 12:49 AM
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RE: Weird memory leak issue with OpenGL
Using an NVIDIA card and a recent git build, I tried the same settings (I almost always have the FPS counter enabled so I was worried maybe there was some glitch I didn't notice.) I played Persona 3 a bit with an HD texture pack installed. Memory usage didn't really go above 200 MB.

So I do think this might be some kind of driver issue, but it's interesting that v1.3 didn't have it.

If you could try a few older versions here (i.e. maybe 1.7, and then either one more newer or older depending on if that one has the issue), that might give more an idea when it happened:

Ultimately, even if it's a driver bug, if there's something we started doing that's triggering it... we may be able to stop doing that thing. Or at least do something else. That said, driver bugs can be tricky beasts.

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