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Game RAM modification automation
07-02-2021, 12:14 PM
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Game RAM modification automation
Hey everyone,
I have an idea for writing an autobot for Disgaea 1 that would work fully unmanned. On the first try I want to check if I can avoid game display scanning and make everything work basing solely on information I can gather from running game memory. The easiest solution for scanning and modifying values inside is probably using Cheat Engine with MEM_MAPPED setting turned on, however I would like to try achieve similar outcome without using third party software. I decided to write my own set of scripts that could read and change values in memory, but I couldn't find on the internet nor in the PPSSPP itself any way to access same values I can find on Disassembly...->Memory window. I assume there is no API that can work like I described, because it is quite specific use case and probably not so useful in development and testing emulator, but maybe you know any other solution for memory access than implement that feature on my own or connect through GDB and receive the same result like with Cheat Engine, but with additional struggle to achieve it. Do you know any approachable solution for getting access to game memory and being able to monitor it through my own program, beside using Cheat Engine as middleman?
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