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3080 questions
02-27-2021, 02:17 PM
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RE: 3080 questions
RTX 3080's have a power limit reaching up to 500W but it'll usually run up to 350W, maybe 400W depending on the model and load, such gpu isn't really great without pairing it with somewhat top end cpu which might need a lot of power by itself, then you'll probably also have a bunch of SSD's, mobo, fans, maybe even some LED's to power, 650W might be too small for such GPU depending on what you're going to do with it and what's the rest of your hardware, most importantly through the brand and specs of the PSU itself hence safe advertised value of 750W.

With a high end gpu/cpu you should really be looking at tier A PSU, prefferably top of the tier A(google for actual PSU tier list and avoid discontinued/old/second hand ones) and those tend to start at 650W, but go much higher, if you have to ask in an completely unrelated forum, chances are your 650W is some tier C or worse PSU that you should not be using with a high end power hungry hardware. Even, if it will boot with it and appear running fine, you might experience weird crashes from time to time and the efficiency will be pretty stock at best.
Again through if you decide to get a new PSU, don't pick it just based on rated Wattage, be smart, pick quality, the only thing you might safely cheap out is modular cables as permanent are at least for decently sized case just as good and just need more initial work with cable management. Good PSU will allow you for much higher efficiency than just it's rating since stability will allow much better undervolting of your hardware, this will not only reduce power cost, but also temps and that on the other hand will increase gpu boost clocks quite high, for example my MSI's RTX 3060 Ti Gaming X Trio has boost clocks at 2ghz even after 20% reduction in power limit(yes, reduction, not increase, I'm not into overclocking at all even think it's stupid and useless outside of beating records) and is practically soundless while reaching 65 degrees Celsius max in very heavy benchmarks all due to good undervolting, I'd probably could get even better with it as I simply did some quick safe changes after getting it and didn't had time to fine tune it, this is mostly achievable by good PSU and a cheap one will make you feel as if you'd got really unlucky silicon simply because your PSU will not be able to feed it with stable enough power, similar thing applies to modern especially AMD CPU's which behave a lot like GPU's in matter of efficiency, cheap PSU's are taking all of that away from you. The wattage rating itself boosts the price a lot and isn't that crucial if you aren't doing any crazy stuff, but at the same time most enthusiasts that run PC all the time will want somewhat larger one since efficiency is rated higher with just around 50% load and also more beefy PSU will run cooler, maybe even not spin it's fan at all, reducing sound and temps of your case and room if you don't have air conditioning.

The worst thing people gaming on pc are doing is investing all cash into as good GPU they can get and cheap out on all other components, if that's your mentality you really should understand that things like good PSU and even display matter just as much, often much more in gaming and things are going even more extreme when it comes to emulation.
For example based on PPSSPP(but all of that is true to most emulators) things like a modern VRR display(allowing you to disable that relict of the past called Vsync), decent xinput gamepad(which is typically much better than a keyboard+mouse for console games) or even a good headphones(not some shallow sounding gaming crap) will improve your experience much more than a raw gpu power. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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