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Image files bloating when copying to PC?
12-26-2020, 02:46 AM
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Image files bloating when copying to PC?
Alright, so I'm having a very weird issue all of a sudden, and I'm unsure if PPSSPP is directly the issue, but it's the only thing I seem to be having issues with so far so thought I'd ask here.

So I use PPSSPP on my Android phone. Once or so every month, I will back up all my saves and save states to my PC. Been doing this for a year now.

Suddenly however, I've noticed the folders for the PPSSPP saves and save states being weirdly large. I checked and noticed one of the "icon0" files for one of my games was apparently 1GB, when it was only 28kb last time I copied it over, and still remains that size on my phone.

I deleted the folder and re-copied over the entire PPSSPP folder. That image decided to stay 28kb this time, but instead, a save state image that was only 170kb was not taking up about 500mb.

So I upload it AGAIN and this time it all seems normal, the size of the folder matches that on my phone. But it seems to keep happening now and again where one random image will bloat in size to an insane amount.

This isn't happening with any other emulator's saves/folders I'm backing up, or anything else in general I'm copying over from the phone. Nothing has changed either, there's been no update for PPSSPP since June/July I think, I'm using the same USB cable, same port, same computer, etc.

Any ideas what might be happening here? The image files seem fine otherwise but I'd rather them not be taking up tons more space than they need to be, especially if I ever need to copy them back to my phone.
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Image files bloating when copying to PC? - FluffyBandicoot - 12-26-2020 02:46 AM

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