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PPSSPP Ad-hoc general info thread
11-10-2020, 11:51 PM (This post was last modified: 11-10-2020 11:52 PM by AdamN.)
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RE: PPSSPP Ad-hoc general info thread
(11-10-2020 06:55 PM)Zinx777 Wrote:  
(11-10-2020 06:23 PM)AdamN Wrote:  
(11-10-2020 02:23 PM)Zinx777 Wrote:  
(11-09-2020 06:12 PM)AdamN Wrote:  
(11-09-2020 02:37 PM)Zinx777 Wrote:  Hmm found this recently :
This is the encryption engine that the PSP uses.
Might be useful.

I think PPSSPP already have kirk engine, but not sure how to use it to encrypt adhoc data, or whether it can only be used to decrypt

Ah ok I found it as a recent discovery so I thought it could be interesting.

Btw found something interesting about the on of the Untold Legends games.
You see there is an Ad-Hoc LAN option there.
My theory is that its a way to connect to either a PS3 or PS2 and that's not possible currently on PPSSPP but I am not sure.
It connects to the PSN I think though.
You could see it in some other games too (The new compatibility list in the first post got more games like that).

I think the Multiplayer Adhoc is the regular Adhoc (PDP/PTP protocol), while the Multiplayer LAN is something like Driver 76 use, which is TCP/UDP protocol just like infrastructure.
Well i was looking for another game that use TCP/UDP like Driver 76 to test with, i guess i need to check that game too

Btw, which Untold Legends is that? does all of them have similar mode?

It's the sequel Warrior's Code.
If it's true what you say - we already have a bunch of games that could use Xlink Kai to connect to a real PSP by using the DDS protocol.
If it's TCP/UDP and got no encryption going for it of course.
Also, you might wanna see how that game works over normal ad-hoc I heard it got issues after you beat 1 level in it and the screen turns black.
BTW this is the log I got with the game :
53:15:519 main I[SCEIO]: hle\sceio.cpp:1143 stdout: Loading Infrastructure network modules
53:15:519 main I[SCEIO]: hle\sceio.cpp:1143 stdout: Done loading Infrastructure network modules
53:15:520 main W[SCENET]: hle\scenet.cpp:645 sceNetInit(poolsize=98304, calloutpri=30, calloutstack=0, netintrpri=30, netintrstack=0) at 08888354
53:15:520 main E[SCENET]: hle\scenet.cpp:790 UNIMPL sceNetInetInit()
53:15:520 main E[SCENET]: hle\scenet.cpp:1263 UNIMPL sceNetResolverInit()
53:15:520 main W[SCENET]: hle\scenet.cpp:831 UNTESTED sceNetApctlInit(32768, 33)
53:15:520 main I[SCEKERNEL]: hle\scekernelthread.cpp:2010 327=sceNetApctlInit(32768, 33)
53:15:520 main I[SCENET]: hle\scenet.cpp:1007 sceNetApctlAddHandler(08887dc4, 08d3cb70)
53:15:520 main W[SCENET]: hle\scenet.cpp:994 Added Apctl handler(8887dc4, 8d3cb70): 0
53:15:520 main I[SCEIO]: hle\sceio.cpp:1143 stdout: SoeNetconfUtility :: BeginInfrastructureStart
53:15:520 main I[SCEUTIL]: hle\sceutility.cpp:484 0=sceUtilityNetconfInitStart(08b67f5c)

There are about 10 PSP games or so that use a LAN option.

If it's using Apctl it's most-likely to use TCP IP/UDP IP, because Apctl is used to get current IP, unlike Adhoc PDP/PTP protocol which only use Mac address without using/knowing the IP

My Modified PPSSPP :
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