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Persona 2 - Innocent Sin HD UI (v1.72 Update)
08-29-2020, 05:39 AM (This post was last modified: 04-11-2023 11:38 PM by ryuubu.)
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Persona 2 - Innocent Sin HD UI (v1.72 Update)
Following my Persona 1 HD UI texture replacement, I have started the first installment of Persona 2.

As with any PPSSPP texture replacement, I can only replace the textures after encountering them in game. If you can help me get textures that I haven't got yet, please do! I'll take your save games, or just directly send me the textures that you save.

If you can help me in any way, please do!

Very special mention to user shimmeremi for sharing his textures and reigniting the project.

The project has slowed down as society returns to normal, but I will still chip away at this slowly.

What is done so far:

- Title Screen
- Most fonts, menus.
- Battle UI elements
- All characters' general portraits (if you find a missing one, take a savestate for me!)
- Most NPC character portraits
- Fusion attack animations
- Shop banners
- The maps

Not done yet:

- Cards (These will take a while, low priority)
- Small shop previews (There's not much to work with)
- Credits fonts
- Some UI elements that look okay for now are unchanged

Preview images:

[Image: P81YXHU.png]
[Image: V3TLCre.png]
[Image: XctBRu3.png]
[Image: aNXIqxK.png]
[Image: BT1XtKz.png]
[Image: RvUzF9U.jpg]
[Image: PMOKRnx.png]

Download: Turn texture filtering and screen scaling to Linear for a better look in general.

OR The latest version here:

By popular demand: How to apply these textures
You need: An American rom image of Persona 2 PSP (ULUS10584 is the ID). I use this with an undub version and it works fine.

1. Install PPSSPP
2. Load up your rom.
3. Go back to the menu and create a game config (this gives this game its own settings)
4. Go to Game Settings > Tools > Developer Tools
5. Check the box near the bottom that says "replace textures"

6. Inside your PPSSPP folder, there will be a folder somewhere called PSP (mine is in PPSSPP/memstick/PSP)
7. You should see a folder called TEXTURES. If not, make it and go in.
8. Create a folder called ULUS10584 (that's the ID of American Persona PSP)
9. Copy the contents of the download above into that folder.
10. Play!

1.72 Another quick update to fix stuff again. - Thanks Dragonknighted
1.71 A few missing textures were updated - Thanks Dragonknighted
1.7 Most of the Portraits are done now. Rough full release feels about 90% done
v1.6 Thanks to user BanhCanh, many more portraits added
v1.0 Still missing a lot of textures (help me!) but good enough for release.
v0.9 Changed a texture that seemed to be interfering with movies (thanks AMNerdWarrior). Added more shop signs, of course more portraits, too.[/b]
v0.8 Added HD small portraits for status effects, few more NPC
v0.7 All NPCs, store signs, UI and Maps up to Kounan have been done.
v0.6 More portraits, status effect icons, few text updates.
v0.5 Big update. Switched from Waifu2x to ESRGAN
v0.1 Just started.
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