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MacOS Builds
02-08-2021, 10:58 AM
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RE: MacOS Builds
(08-01-2020 08:00 PM)The_Ur3an_Myth Wrote:  Alright so as the title suggests, this is a thread for providing links to the latest compiled version of PPSSPP for MacOS. I'll try to compile a new build each time PPSSPP is updated and post it here. Smile

N.B. If anyone is going to do some compiling too, make sure that you're using a version of MacOS that is older (I am using High Sierra), from what I've experienced on Catalina and Mojave, this ensures compatibility on later versions of MacOS (unless someone can correct me on this)

v1.10.3 --->

edit: set sharing settings on Drive to all because I'm a dumbass
I've literally subscribed to the forums just to thank you! The official macOS build
was giving me (Big Sur 11.2) audio problems, with horrible crackling and popping every 3 seconds on several games I've tried. I have given a shot to all workarounds I could find, including deselecting audio sync, activating all speed-up options, lowering the resolution to the minimum and activating frameskip. I was about to give up and use OpenEmu for my PSP games, which is very fine, but it isn't customizable at all; no enhancements, no cheats, not even language selection (I use European roms).
With this version you've compiled, everything seems in good working order! Thank you very much!
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