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xperia play has died
04-17-2013, 04:28 AM (This post was last modified: 04-17-2013 04:34 AM by xperiaplay2someday.)
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RE: xperia play has died
Thanks for the kind words.Even though I cant use it as a daily phone because my job requires constant communication with it all day,im definatlly keeping it as a gaming device it is without a doubt the best portable emu machine

I have some good news if it ever happens to you,

I unscrwed all the visable screws on the back including under the battery. I still couldnt pull it apart(probably tabbedd in somewhere) but it let me pull the right corner back a little, and I noticed the button felt better after a little messing with it, so I put the battery in and it started up! Felt so much better I risked turning it off agian to screw it together and it started up fine agian!

So I can now turn it on to use it as a emu machine thank god, like I said my work a phone is very important so I cant even risk it turning off agian on me, if it does im pretty sure my power button will work now but still cant risk it.

Kind of sucked today where on my current replacement which is not android or ios thats how old it is, I was browsing the forum and read fat princess works much better then had a fat 30min lull in my work with nothing too do without my play... I used to think it was so cool having my portable console my work phone(personal as well)

I cant imagine not having tactile buttons, I was messing around touchscreen only to see it I maybe should get the S4, or xperia Z but it feels very unconsole like. Heres hoping for a xperia play Z or something from China at least


Xperia Play 2.3.3
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