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Yeaay I got it, Some UltraWide, SuperWide 21:9 32:9 Patches for Phone/Monitor
04-26-2020, 06:42 PM
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RE: Yeaay I got it, Some UltraWide Patch for 21:9 Phone/Monitor
(04-19-2020 09:32 AM)azoreseuropa Wrote:  Nice but I dont liked it. It is a little bit stretch. And a little weird to look at. No thanks but thanks, thought. I left it as natural and cleaner looking! Those games aren't mean to be do that. So leave it as is.

No problemo, play it the way we make ourself happy, but it always good to have options isn't it?, besides that's emulator is all about.. playing the game in a different console or in a different way... thanks for sharing your opinion Big Grin

(04-19-2020 11:39 AM)LunaMoo Wrote:  I think you missunderstood me, I meant a ppsspp specific code type which gives you the resolution or ratio PPSSPP runs on. So you would still have to create such cheats, but you could use that special cheat to automatically set value to match display without having to edit cheats for different resolution.

Although I'm not really sure if what you thought I ment wouldn't be possible as well, I guess Dolphin has hack like that as well.

My bad... yes that's what I meant, no problemo even without that feature PPSSPP has already become mature emulator with good performance and easy to use. Salut to henrik, [unknown] and all the participating developer Shy

(04-23-2020 05:41 AM)knoah123 Wrote:  Could you please update the original post to make it much cleaner looking along with all the new cheats shared in this thread? Also, will it be possible for you to make 4:3 and 32:9 CWcheats for the games who are already mentioned in this thread with 21:9 CWcheat? Like the GoW, Daxter etc games. So they will suit better on devices like handheld retro emulation devices. (Example- Odroid, Retro Game 350)

Done Big Grin
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