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Yeaay I got it, Some UltraWide, SuperWide 21:9 32:9 Patches for Phone/Monitor
04-19-2020, 01:15 AM (This post was last modified: 04-26-2020 06:55 PM by mowamowi.)
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RE: Yeaay I got it, Some UltraWide Patch for 21:9 Phone/Monitor
(03-18-2020 07:00 PM)knoah123 Wrote:  Awesome! Thank you so much. I have been looking for this forever.
Using the method you mentioned, I have managed to calculate hex code for 18:9 smartphones (or 18~20:9 phones with a notch)
It's 0x40000000

For anyone who wants to use this, simply replace 0x4017B426 with 0x40000000 from the original post and activate the cheat. Don't load state after activating the cheat, use the in game save point.

Thank you for the addition Big Grin

(04-06-2020 01:40 PM)Polivalente Wrote:  Great work!
Now that phones screens are getting wider and wider, such codes will be really useful.

_S ULUS-10290
_G Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus [USA]

_L 0x0016E754 0x3f000000 //float 0,5

(02-24-2020 08:53 AM)mowamowi Wrote:  Burnout Dominator ULUS10236
_L 0x2005442E4 4017B426 [Cheat RefreshRate must set lower, i.e 24]

I noticed this code alone only reduce the height. In order to get a proper widescreen hack, you may want combine it with a code that changes the camera fov, which would be :

_L 0x205442E0 0x3faccccd //float 1.35

(04-12-2020 02:18 PM)Polivalente Wrote:  Yeah i can look a look when i have spare time. You need the european version, right ?

No promises though, since some games has dynamic adresses and that make this kind of hack impossible.

Edit :

i found it.

_S ULES-01597
_G PES 2014 [EUR]

_L 0x202E0074 0x0000027B // DWORD 635

Thank you so much for your Contribution Big Grin

(04-15-2020 01:04 AM)LunaMoo Wrote:  /Mooo
Personally I'm not into "ultra wide" at all, but saw you guys are dumping memory and searching through that with Cheat Engine which is slow as hell, so I say that you skip the dumping part and just search through PSP memory inside PPSSPP directly seeing changes in real time. You can use my cheat table from here to do that very easily:].

Thank you for the info on the CWCheat, very helpful... help me found some more code Big Grin

(04-15-2020 02:40 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  On a side note if such patches becomes popular and there are more "standards" of ultra wide screens(aka if they don't have standards) I guess we could create a PPSSPP specific CWCheat that would detect user screen resolution or ratio and allow creating cheats that automatically set correct ratio for different displays. I recently added a PPSSPP specific CWCheat type which allows patching the game with xinput gamepads vibration, but left enough unused bits to reuse same cheat type(0xA) with a bunch more flags for more PPSSPP-specific features.

Yesssss pleaseeeee that would be great!
I found it's amazing how some games ready played at SuperWide Aspect Ratio (32:9) without producing culling/clipping and without too much work (ie God of War, Daxter etc). I Also noticed that this can also change to squarepixel (4:3) Aspect Ratio for handheld that runs it like OdroidGo...

an auto created patch is very desireable rather than brute force with code, I'm still doing this [searcing the code] because the lockdown and it's fun for a while Big Grin

(04-18-2020 08:12 PM)AkiraJkr Wrote:  Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker if that's possible!

Here... but as always, I haven't tested throughly Big Grin

G Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
_S ULUS10509
// Cheat Refresh Rate Must Set LOWER on PPSSPP

_C0 Widescreen 16:9
_L 0x213FB858 0x3F800000 // X Aspect Ratio 1.0
_L 0x2055E4B0 0x3F000000// Y Aspect Ratio 0.5
_C0 UltraWide 21:9
_L 0x213FB858 0x3FB33333 // X Aspect Ratio 1.3
_L 0x2055E4B0 0x3EE66666 // Y Aspect Ratio 0.45
_C0 SuperWide 32:9
_L 0x213FB858 0x40000000 // X Aspect Ratio 2.0
_L 0x2055E4B0 0x3EA8F5C3 // Y Aspect Ratio 0.33
_C0 Standard 4:3
_L 0x213FB858 0x3f4ccccd // X Aspect Ratio 0.8
_L 0x2055E4B0 0x3f19999a // Y Aspect Ratio 0.6

(04-06-2020 01:40 PM)Polivalente Wrote:  My small contribution :

_S UCUS-98620
_G Medievil Ressurection [USA]

_L 0x216B49E0 0x3F333333 // float 0.7
_L 0x216B49DC 0x3E99999A // float 0.3

I found code that change the aspect ratio nicely (not x,y ratio as it's change the fov closer) please try it

_G MediEvil Resurrection
_S UCUS98620

_C0 UltraWide 16:9
_L 0x216B3D28 0x3FD9999A // Aspect Ratio 1.7
_C0 UltraWide 21:9
_L 0x216B3D28 0x40133333 // Aspect Ratio 2.3
_C0 UltraWide 32:9
_L 0x216B3D28 0x40600000 // Aspect Ratio 3.5
_C0 UltraWide 4:3
_L 0x216B3D28 0x3FA66666 // Aspect Ratio 1.3

Here some another widescreen game patches... always notice, im only care about the game point of view, not the hud or user interface, anddd haven't got it tested throughly happy gaming guys, cheeers Big Grin
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