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Hot Shots (Everybody's) Tennis: Get a Grip
09-18-2020, 12:01 PM
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RE: Hot Shots (Everybody's) Tennis: Get a Grip
(09-12-2020 08:05 PM)AdamN Wrote:  You need to use the latest dev build of PPSSPP from

Thanks a million for this! After some fiddling, I got it working via the loop-back method:
Enable networking/WLAN (beta, may break games) --------------------------- [x]
Change MAC address  ------------------------------------------------------ ... (*different for each player)
WLAN Channel Auto -------------------------------------------------------- Auto
Sent Discord "Rich Presence" information --------------------------------- [ ]
{AdHoc Server}
Enable built-in PRO ad hoc server ---------------------------------------- [x]
Change proAdhocServer Address (localhost = multiple instance) ------------
{UPnP (port-forwarding)}
Enable UPnP (need a few seconds to detect) ------------------------------- [ ]
[UPnP use original port (Enable = PSP compatibility) --------------------- [x]]
{Misc (default = compatibility)}
Port offset (0 = PSP compatibility) -------------------------------------- 0
Minimum Timeout (override low latency in ms) ----------------------------- 1
TCP No Delay (faster TCP) ------------------------------------------------ [ ]

I haven't tried actual LAN yet -- I'll report back my results after I do. Irrespective, it's such a pleasure not having to use the temperamental, unreliable JPCSP... Which was such a pain in a butt.

Quote:Btw, are you using Windows or Android?
I tested both Android and Windows are working fine

I've been using Windows 10.

BTW, I've noticed a bug of sorts, whereby the configuration setting changes for the second instance of PPSSPP (player-2) do not save, and the controller changes do not save for either instance / player. How does one get the emulator to save settings changes, such as for network configs. and controller re-mapping? It's not a biggie, just seems odd that one cannot manually save the changes... And, yes -- I did make the folder/s "writable".

NB: As a kind of work-around, I copied the "ppsspp.ini" from one root director of where it did happen to save the network settings, to the other one; and the XB1 controller I use for first instance of that game, is already configured by default anyway. The second install, though, which I'm using either another XB1 or XB360 gamepad with, does not save the controller configuration changes I make -- which means I have to re-map the controller with each restart of the emulator.
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