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MGS Peace Walker Co-Op Help
07-02-2019, 01:02 PM
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RE: MGS Peace Walker Co-Op Help
I have it working on 1.7.2 I believe... Idk I haven't tried it on the Latest version... It works you can play 4 player too...

So in settings

Turn off hacks... At the bottom like timer hack and stuff...
Also turn off any psp clock changes... Set the i/o thing to host for all the pcs or phones involved

Settings / graphics.

Rendering - Doesn't matter - use buffered to avoid glitches
Framerate - don't use frameskip
Performance - Doesn't matter enable all and change resolution
Hacks - disable all

Fast mem - On
Io thread - on
Io timing - set all to host for each pc or phone
Force real clock - off
Emu clock - 0/off/Auto

Port - 0
Enable lan and adhoc
And put the host device ip address (the device that the others will connect to)

Make sure the host starts by going to mission select first. Then hosts a Co op match before the other devices go into mission select.

Literally just played this today...

Also make sure 30 fps cheat is off cause it doesn't work with cheats

My specs
Redmi Note 10.
Check My Profile For Tested Games(Bio Section)
Testing multiplayer - MGS PW - God Eater - Dbz

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