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Legend of heroes prophecy of moonlight witch problem
07-14-2021, 12:58 AM
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RE: Legend of heroes prophecy of moonlight witch problem
@clort78 You should be reporting issues on PPSSPP's issue tracker, not in random threads on forums, this for example isn't even main game's thread(we keep 1 per game as a rule to make it easier to find issues, but people who can't read are born each day and the world is in chaos), plus the forums have nowadays more bots than living people making it pretty bad place where your posts might be copy pasted in a few months by some bot trying to act natural.

Take note this is just a driver issue, it might or might not be worked around on PPSSPP side and can be properly resolved only by the driver manufacturer(in case of mobiles often meaning between very long to never).
Also don't be confused by PPSSPP's gpu driver tests passing, those tests are just for some known driver issues and passing them aren't guaranteeing you'll see nice graphics(blah with PSP quality nothing will guarantee that;p), your case might as well bring another test in the future where your driver fails if anyone even figures out why/how it fails. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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