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Command line options?
11-22-2018, 12:38 AM
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RE: Command line options?
(11-21-2018 08:42 AM)LunaMoo Wrote: was hidden in UI there, but you can still set it by manually editing ppsspp.ini and changing "SoftwareRenderer = False" to "SoftwareRenderer = True"(or adding it if it doesn't exist) under [Graphics].

It can only be useful for ...emulators ...

I already know all that.
Any way of unhide it, or some easy way to enable it. Just editing one string in txt file is really annoying at android.

NES, SNES, SMD, SegaCD, ZX, VIC20 - all full speed. Some of the emulators need software renderer to show menu.

I don't want to use native emulators - because I'll need to check permissions of each apk. Why this apk want to read my SMS, use my internet, phone some guys from my telephone book and etc...
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