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Emulator VS PS1 games (EBOOT.PBP)
01-29-2018, 11:01 PM
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RE: Emulator VS PS1 games (EBOOT.PBP)
(01-29-2018 12:41 PM)FOPSP Wrote:  It might be different for games you converted to PBP format yourself, but the PSstore games I copied from my PSP don't work in ePSXe.

EDIT: I converted one of my PS1 games and it did boot as an eboot.pbp file in ePSXe. So it clearly does not work specifically with PSstore games, which was my point.

If you're passionate enough, there are tools to extract the actual ISO's from the original PSstore eboot. Then you can eboot them back to play in the PS1 emulators that support eboot files.
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