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Forced 60Hz sync and bilinear build
02-18-2018, 09:20 PM
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RE: Forced 60Hz sync and bilinear build
If anyone still interested in subject...

[instead of getting a pleasure from mockery [& complex hate] to people
that do not know few thing that you know]

[or instead of wasting time, suffering from "I do not know for what I am here for", "I do not know how am I want to live", "I do not know with what lived life I would like to die", "Ï don't do what I want to do, I do what other people want me to do"]

under "it fixed smooth gameplay"
I meant fixed choppy gameplay,
like on steady 60fps, while it actually feels about 45fps

It's easier to mention while recording gameplay.
When things choppy - you see that video is much smoother, though both of them are on 60fps

[I know, I know forum silent readers will be interested Big Grin
I wrote to them Big Grin Big Grin]

As for stuttering and microstuttering - everything like LunaMoo said, and in addition [nvidia, laptop, optimus] Vsync buffering and pre-rendered frames will cause them too.
[especially in racing games. Like "every N second - stutter"]
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RE: Forced 60Hz sync and bilinear build - Dukatti - 02-18-2018 09:20 PM

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