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Random textures address in Persona 3 Portable
06-07-2017, 04:21 AM
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RE: Random textures address in Persona 3 Portable
(06-06-2017 09:07 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  It's normal, some games might use same address for something from start to finish, but it usually changes in some games very often since psp had very little memory and had to shuffle everything around.
You can use wildcards to deal with it, create textures.ini file from ui(settings->tools->dev tools ~ near the bottom) and it should have links explaining how to use it, you could also read this thread ~ which probably should be pinned as it grows with this feature and has most discussions about it, including other problems you might find as some psp games might be very bothersome for texture replacement:].

In new ppsspp versions(from buildbot or if you compile it yourself) you could also use "ignoreAddress" option(also in textures.ini) to ignore address for all textures automatically, but for that you'll also have to change hash to a more reliable one. If you do that your texture pack will not work in old ppsspp versions(and by old I also ment latest release version:]).
Choosing/changing hash is generally a decision that should be made early since it will change filenames and invalidate any earlier texture hash info already dumped giving you extra work. To list all available hashes: "quick" which is unreliable(has a potentially high chance to repeat same result from different textures) ~ hence some options are disabled for it(but it's also default as we had it from the start) and two new reliable ones - "xxh32" which has average speed on everything and "xxh64" which is very fast on 64 bit platforms, but rather slow on 32 bit ones.

I don't get it, don't get how use wildcards or ignoreAddress or that 00000 thing, I think I will give up man, the game uses poor textures most of them are 32x32 and generates all textures of battle again, fixing this thing wil be hard Sad, what I realy need to do in this case? I will leave a screenshot of my texture.ini:

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