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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
07-23-2019, 02:47 AM (This post was last modified: 07-23-2019 03:28 AM by Smerg.)
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RE: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
For me, prognosis remains the same, except that DX11 and Vulkan now all look the same - broken barcode shadows.
OpenGL is a blobby mess.
In DX9, the flashlight doesn't seem to light up much of anything. It only affects Harry and his car door window, for whatever reason. In addition, I'm able to see through some geometry (such as Harry's car hood).
x64 version of PPSSPP works for me now, but it hasn't made a difference.
Why was "Disable Stencil Test" removed? It seemed to be the only thing that made a difference besides backend.

Edit: "Disable Slower Effects" has an effect on things, but it's very odd.
The flashlight isn't visible unless moving, in which case it's only visible on some surfaces, with the shadows it casts seemingly unrelated to the environment.
Disable slow effects unchecked:
Disable slow effects checked:
OpenGL looks like this (shadows present when moving or still, which is something, I suppose):
Vulkan appears much the same as DX11.

I'm gonna try my other computer with an RTX 2070 when I can, see if that changes things.
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