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The [email protected] Shiny Festa
12-25-2013, 04:08 PM (This post was last modified: 12-26-2013 03:38 AM by Aidolu.)
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RE: [email protected] Shiny Festa
The game works almost perfectly on v0.8.1-1156 build...blank screen does not appear, but still there is no change for special video and sometimes letters dispear for a no images..sorry =(
I try working on the last version aviable on google play store, it worked fine... with this configuration:
Mode-Non Buff(I preferred better images)
GoW(fps 60)-Checked
Alternative Speed-Unlimited
Every feature uncheked
Perfomance all uncheked(1xPSP)
Texture scaling
Upscale type-xBRZ
Texture Filtering
Anisotropic filtering-Off
Texture filter-Linear on FMV
Hack Setting all unchecked except Disable alpha test

No software rendering


Fast memory-Checked

From Groovy Tunes:
Anime episode shows ok
Play all songs except OVERMASTER
From Funky Note:
Anime tends to get a frozen image... if you countinously press start you can make it playable(Slight chance too)
No song is playable but you can make them a viable by continuously pressing start between you choose the song and the video start playing.
There is a slight change of getting a frozen image and no music every time you play a song, but it is pretty little.
From Honey Sound:
Have not tested...
DLC-The World is all one!!:
It plays perfectly, no need to press start in any game and play just the normal MC.

Tested from my cellphone - Huawei G610...Runs without lags..Some videos run from their Normal MC and some from their sepcial video
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