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When should I report an issue?
03-17-2017, 04:17 AM
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RE: When should I report an issue?
(03-16-2017 05:54 PM)The Phoenix Wrote:  How about meeting the guy half way, is there not a way of placing in that games particular .ini file, a line that instructs the emulator to make sure Disable Slower Effects = 1 - when this game is selected, cures the problem, from where i am standing.
Yes, that can already be done. My concern was that if this was an emulation issue, it could potentially affect other games.

(03-16-2017 08:41 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  Disabling slower effects does exactly what it says. It's a speedhack which sacrifices effects that are very hard to emulate(aka slow) on modern devices.
So far, that's the only game it's worked on. Other games that run slowly don't seem to be affected by it. The two Pursuit Force games need frameskipping to run at a decent speed for me, and Test Drive Unlimited runs painfully slow no matter what I do.

Those games I can understand though. Pursuit Force is afast game with quite a bit going on and Test Drive Unlimited seems to model an entire city.

Death Jr. II just seemed like the kind of game that wouldn't be that demanding.

(03-16-2017 08:41 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  We keep some issues opened for games that are unreasonably slow by some hardcore to emulate effects, but realistically not much can be done about it. Maybe in the future some low level vulkan magic or some other new tech will help those cases, but the situation on older hardware will never improve.
I understand. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't running slowly because of a problem.

Now I'm getting the error message "Too many samples to read. This shouldn't happen." in a couple racing games with the recent builds, but not in 1.3. I haven't yet tested to see what version it started with.
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