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Burnout Legends & Dominator PPSSPP Android
02-17-2017, 11:01 PM (This post was last modified: 02-18-2017 01:09 PM by CrackEdd.)
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Burnout Legends & Dominator PPSSPP Android
I’m hoping someone with more experience using this emulator can help me. I’m trying to get both of the Burnout games running smoothly on my phone (Axon 7 - Snapdragon 820), but seem to have issues with both.
Basically, it seems as though, in each game, ‘The Sun’ is causing huge fps drops.

The base settings I mostly use for PPSSPP are the following (They seem to work for the most part, although tweaks are welcome):

Backend – OpenGL
Mode – Buffered Rendering
Simulate… - On

Frame skipping – Off
Auto Frame skip – Off
Prevent FPS… - ON
Alternative Speed – 100%

Post processing Shader – FXAA
Immersive Mode – On

Rendering resolution – 2x PSP
Display Resolution – Native Device Resolution
Mipmapping – On
Hardware Transform – On
Software Skinning – On
Vertex Cache – On
Lazy Texture Caching – On
Retain Changed Textures – Off
Disable Slower Effects – Off
Spline/Bezier – Low

Anisotropic Filtering – Off
Texture Filtering – Linear
Screen Scaling – Linear

Timer Hack – On
Disable Alpha – Off
Disable Stencil Test – Off
Force Depth Write – Off
Texture Coord Speed hack – Off
Lower Resolution for Effects – Off

Fast Memory – On
Multithreaded – Off
I/O on Thread – On
I/O Timing Method – Host
Force Real Clock – Off
Change Emulated PSP CPU Clock – Auto
Rewind Snapshot – Off

Burnout Legends:
With the outlined settings, the game is almost fully playable. However, whenever the sun needs to be rendered, everything slows to a crawl.

I have piddled around with the settings to make it better, but most settings seem to have little effect, including Rendering Resolution. However, if I switch the Mode to ‘Skip Buffer Effects’, the game works at full speed, at all times, but the sun has a black square around it (Which I don’t care about), but also a game breaking ‘White Fog’ appears in the areas where my FPS tanks.

Burnout Dominator:
Similarly to Legends, the game is almost fully playable with the above settings. I would actually say it works a little better. However, with this game anytime the suns bloom appears, the FPS tanks dramatically, and rapidly.

Again, I have tried tweaking the settings to make it better, with little success. Also, unlike Legends, if I switch to ‘Skip Buffer Effects’, the game becomes completely unplayable. Instead of a white fog, you get a black one, which obscures more of the screen.

Anyway, if anyone has any tips for me about how I can refine my settings to remove the momentary issues that seem to be caused by the sun, I would be very grateful. Although, please don’t suggest turning on Frame skipping. I find it way too choppy and unpleasant.

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