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Nvidia shield TV - nougat upgrade fixes Vulkan
02-14-2017, 07:10 AM
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RE: Nvidia shield TV - nougat upgrade fixes Vulkan
(01-28-2017 03:30 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  I think PPSSPP chooses correct EGL path automatically which should mean the only way Vulkan being currently disabled(on android, other non-windows platforms doesn't have it at all;p) is by hiding the option in the ui.

In which case as long as you're using new version from buildbot you should be able to test it by editing ppsspp.ini(under PSP/SYSTEM on sd card) and changing:
GPUBackend = 0
GPUBackend = 3
(should be under "[Graphics]")

Also don't forget to set up non buffered rendering as only that's currently made for vulkan - which also means only simpler games can use it, possibly with even lower compatibility than the same mode in OGL/GLES.
If you end up with stuff crashing and/or black screen then you probably experienced Vulkan because it wasn't really working on android yet, but you're free to try, chances are it does work somewhat, just not with games it was tested by others.

If the results are any better, chances are you simply aren't using Vulkan and it requires some code changes to test aka custom build;].

Thanks Luna, I gave that a go, and it's very glitchy still.
I'll wait patiently :-)
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