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Is there a easier way to change IP in ppsspp?
07-13-2017, 01:57 PM
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RE: Is there a easier way to change IP in ppsspp?
im pretty sure what you want to achieve can be done via .bat files

there are tons of forums and sites that can provide you help like stack overflow or something like that

what you want to search for INPUT command and text edit command inside file

this is bit complicated and i dont have much knowledge about it but im more than sure that its possible
its just question how much determined you are to reach your goal

if you happen to ask any questions in any sit about bat commands
ask this each as separate question since you will get answer faster and then combine outcome

- how to edit one line in text file with bat command
- how to place inputed text from bat window into text file
- how to edit specific text in one line with bat file in text file

rest would be just folder structure commands which are

%CD% < this will start process from folder where bat file is in
cd .. < go up one folder
cd App < goes into App folder (folder name can be different depending to which folder u wanna go for example cd program files or anything else)

sometimes string need to start like this
call "" "%cd%/ppsspp.exe"

after call this "" 2 marks need to be but i dont know why but with them everything will work
if even 1 folder is longer than i think 8 letters it whole path need to be inside this marks "" thats why its "%cd%/ppsspp.exe" and not %cd%/ppsspp.exe

you wont understand much from it now but when you start digging into it things i wrote above will help you alot

in the end you will be able to place shortcut to bat file lets say on desktop and click it then just copy and paste IP into bat window and just pressing enter will switch to pasted IP and launch ppsspp
you have every bit of informations you need to start rest is only your determination

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