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v1.3 OpenGL Completely broken
09-30-2016, 04:20 AM
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RE: v1.3 OpenGL Completely broken
For what it is worth I have found two things.

1: The too bright thing is the hardware transform. I must have missed it when I was going through the options before but this makes PPSSPP playable with Direct3D.

2: It turns out it is one specific effect in GTSSAC that causes the problems for OpenGL. I am always ready to blame AMD for their utterly CRAP OpenGL support and I hope Vulkan support on PPSSPP is worked out sooner than later so I can finally ditch OpenGL and go to something properly supported on AMD cards.

3: 1.2.2 does still do it but I have to play all the way through to the third level to find the first occurrence of an effect that causes the OpenGL issue I mentioned. I am still not happy but I can at least, for the moment, play games on it. My brother has a 270X in his machine so I will make him test it out and see if his does it too, if it does then it is drivers and there isn't anything users can do.

I will update this post later on if I can find anything else out.
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