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CWCHEAT question
09-14-2016, 06:42 PM
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RE: CWCHEAT question
Well if you are searching cheat for US version, I made 1 cheat just now, a bit lazy since this game tries hard to make cheating painful, but assuming it works everywhere, should be more than enough:
_S ULUS-10245
_G Alien Syndrome
_C0 God mode with stats on hit
_L 0xE011A301 0x0027DD44
_L 0x2027DD44 0x0A200800
_L 0x20002000 0x14400006
_L 0x20002004 0x3C1B08DB
_L 0x20002008 0x277B7B74
_L 0x2000200C 0x17710003
_L 0x20002010 0x4600A306
_L 0x20002014 0x0A29F753
_L 0x20002018 0x0000D821
_L 0x2000201C 0x0A29F753
_L 0x20002020 0x4616A301
_L 0x20237B1C 0x0E200809
_L 0x20237B20 0x00A42021
_L 0x20002024 0x17600002
_L 0x20002028 0x3C1B0880
_L 0x2000202C 0xAF641FFC
_L 0x20002030 0x03E00008
_L 0x20002034 0xE4940000
_L 0xE0080000 0x10001FFC
// RP
_L 0x60001FFC 0x43FA0000
_L 0x00020001 0x0000008C
// stats
_L 0x60001FFC 0x42480000
_L 0x00020001 0x000001C4
// proficiency
_L 0x60001FFC 0x42480000
_L 0x00020001 0x000001C8
_L 0x20001FFC 0x00000000
//you can use any float to hex calculator to change the points set on hit
//ie 43FA0000 under RP means 500, 42480000 under stats = 50
//to stop points from being set remove or comment out(using //) 2 lines under their label
_C0 God mode with stats on hit [Disable]
_L 0x2027DD44 0x4616A301
_L 0x20237B1C 0x00A42021
_L 0x20237B20 0xE4940000
"on hit" counts things hitting player character, can't take dmg with this cheat anyway. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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