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MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players
07-01-2016, 05:39 PM
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MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players
Hello there,

My friends and me are trying to play mhfu using ppsspp v1.2.2 and even after following a bunch of guides we can't seem to make it work with more than 2 players.

We can join the hall with no issue but when starting a quest 2 of us always get kicked from the team (it happens a lot it seems).

What we've done so far :
1 - set up hamachi server
2 - all change our ad hoc pro IP to the IP of one of our party member
3 - activate WLAN
4 - activate the built-in ad hoc pro server
5 - checked that our mac addresses are different
6 - set our port to 2620 (we all have this port on hamachi, I didn't see any specific talk about this on th net)
5 - uncheck the fast memory option
6 - disable firewall on all of our computers
7 - we tried the 25% trick (all toggle-on the slow-mo at the start of the loading)

I've seen that playing 3 players isn't possible bu we tried 4 players anyway, so it shouldn't be the issue.

I didn't find any recent guide so I assume that mhfu multiplayer should be quite stable right now but we still can't make it work.

Should we try to set up our own ad hoc server ? I don't really know how to do this and can't really understand the guides I found (and I'm not too sure about which is compatible with ppsspp).

Well, if someone has a solution, something that we didn't try I'd be really happy and thankfull to hear about it. Thanks !
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